Democrats - The Same Old Song

Now that Republican Congressman Paul Ryan has announced real, substantive cuts in government to counteract the out-of-control spending binge of the Obama administration, the reaction from Democrats is the same hysterical, extremist propaganda they have been spewing for decades.

When listening to Democrats, if Republicans have their way:

1. Seniors will die (or be forced to eat cat food)

2. Children will starve

3. Police and Firefighters will be laid off – your houses will burn

4. Public School teachers will lose their jobs – your kids will suffer

And of course, Republicans “want to attack the helpless so they can give tax breaks to the wealthy.”

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The simple reality is that ever expanding government, with concurrent increases in taxing, spending, and borrowing, has been driven mostly (though not exclusively) by Democrats, who, like irresponsible teenagers, never bothered to think about who was going to pay for their reckless binges. From the utterly failed “War on Poverty” to nearly bankrupt Medicare and Medicaid, Democrats never do the math. But of course they don’t – it’s not their money! So for at least the last four decades, it’s been “free stuff” for everyone, as Democrats just keep spending, borrowing, taxing, and perhaps worst of all, printing money, which will make looming inflation even worse.

And now, like the responsible parents who finally have to step in and tell the family the cold, hard truth, conservatives who were elected in 2010 have the unpleasant task of explaining that the gravy train is over. Unfortunately, whenever government announces a “cut” in anything, those who are the recipients of the taxpayer’s largesse are going to squeal like little pigs. No one wants to hear that their slice of the government pie is going to be slimmer, or gone altogether. Even those who claim to be “fiscal conservatives” suddenly balk when they hear that the cuts will affect them.

This applies double to the Democrat politicians whose political fortunes are inextricably linked with giving out all those government checks to their unwavering supporters – government unions like the teachers and SEIU, trial lawyers, “community organizer” groups like ACORN, as well as the legions of government parasites on welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, subsidized gas for their cars, and on and on. Thus even tiny cuts are immediately decried as “extreme” by Democrats (seems the word “extreme” plays well in focus groups).

How tiny? Republicans are proposing cutting spending this year by $61 Billion. Sounds like a lot of money, and to you and me, it would be – just about Bill Gates’ net worth these days. But wait, Obama’s annual budjet is $3.7 TRILLION, or, in simple arithmetic terms:


Thus what Republicans are actually proposing is a cut of…..1.7%

You read that right – a miniscule 1.7% cut, and yet Democrats throw a hissy-fit, and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media dutifully go along, describing the tiny reductions as “slashing” the budget. But that is the nature of today’s ever-more-socialist Democrat Party, and the leftwing media who do little more than act as cheerleaders for Democrat programs, no matter what the cost to those of us who pay the majority of the nation’s taxes.

Paul Ryan and the conservative Republicans are suggesting a long term plan that will cut approximately $6 Trillion from the Federal budget – over the next 10 YEARS. This may sound like a lot, but in fact this plan would never produce a budget that would be below the levels of just a few years ago (i.e. – 2008 levels). Government unions will howl, but to simply nibble around the edges of the Federal behemoth will only delay the inevitable, and make matters worse for our children and grandchildren.

Democrats are refusing to even discuss any serious cuts, hoping that a so-called “government shutdown” will result, which they can then blame on Republicans. But such a “shutdown” will NOT result in any real cutback in services to those dependent on them. Social Security checks will still go out, and Medicare payments will continue. Only “non-essential” government workers (which sounds almost redundant) will be affected. But regardless of the short term political ramifications, Republicans shouldn’t let the threat of such a shutdown keep them from doing the right thing.

Republicans won in 2010 on a promise to reign in the growth of government. It remains to be seen if they will have the courage to live up to their promise, and make the kinds of real, substantial, and permanent cuts in spending that are essential for the very survival of this nation. And they’d better act quickly.

Because the “Debt Time Bomb” is ticking…

John Caile