The Left Exposed...Can They Realy Be THIS Stupid?

Since the 1960s, the radical Left in America has been quietly using both the media and the public school system to gradually condition American young people to accept and embrace the idea of socialism. And nowhere is this indoctrination campaign more glaringly obvious than in our major universities.

But don’t take my word for it, especially if you happen to be one of those gentle souls who have been paying no attention whatsoever to what is happening in our schools. Just watch the video clip (see below) of an interview with a number of these radical socialists, most of whom reside in (or temporarily occupy) Madison, Wisconsin. It will go a long way in helping you understand the disease that afflicts many of our citizens, and the threat they represent to our very way of life:


One young man, with a straight face, actually refers to the restaurant where he works as a “dictatorship” because (are you ready?) he is required to show up at work on time, he must prepare the food the restaurant has on the menu, and in the manner that the restaurant wants. Oh, the horror! An American gulag if ever there was one.

Naturally, if this young man is so unhappy with his employer, he could simply exercise his freedom to quit his current job go and go to work someplace else – as you and I would do. Instead, this budding neo-communist believes that the “workers” should take over – he wants to replace the entire free market system with socialism, the ideology that has destroyed freedom across the globe (and in the process murdered more than 50 million people in the 20th century alone).

Now, it would be funny to listen to this self-proclaimed member of the International Socialist Organization if it weren’t so disturbing. One must ask how it is possible that in the United States of America we have young people so obtuse, so oblivious to the fundamental realities of life, not to mention the basics of economics, that they can make the kind of utterly stupid comments he does. Words like “moron” or “imbecile” are simply insufficient – they don’t begin to cover the enormity of his stupidity, let alone his lack of understanding of capitalism, entrepreneurship, and the operation of free markets.

But more disturbing is that this young man is not alone. The radical “protesters” in Madison (many of whom are professional agitators brought in by various Socialist organizations) are of the same socialist mindset. And while there are certainly some good teachers who do not agree with the angry mobs infesting the Wisconsin capitol, unfortunately the majority of those in the education community do.

So, be warned that if you have a child either in college or soon to be enrolled, you might want to do some serious investigation into your chosen school’s “curriculum” – and the background of the professors who teach there.

Or you could end up with one of your own children coming home at Thanksgiving mouthing the same kind of Socialist nonsense that the astonishingly stupid young man in the video is advocating.

John Caile