Obama - Inexperienced. Inept. Indecisive.

If there was any doubt that Barak Obama is completely unsuited to being the leader of the free world, all such doubt has been erased. His pathetic comments on the violent crackdown in Libya are merely the latest examples of his lack of experience and judgment. Faced with a maniacal dictator who is gunning down his own people, and after waiting more than a week to say anything at all, the only thing that President Obama can do is to call the carnage “unacceptable.”

Slaughtering people in the streets is “unacceptable?” Wow. That will surely strike terror in the hearts of the world’s dictators and terrorists. It’s like calling rape or child molestation “inappropriate.”

Yet this is nothing new. Time and again, when tyrannical leaders have thrown down the gauntlet, Obama’s roots as a “community organizer” have become painfully obvious. With his effete, pampered background, and his intellectually constipated and morally bankrupt character, he simply cannot help himself. He waffles. He waivers. He looks around for “consensus.”

Then again, why is anyone surprised? What else would you expect from someone with less actual experience than any previous president, and less executive experience than Joe the Plumber. Barak Obama is our first “Trainee President.” And his “learning curve” has been painfully slow. He still does not seem to have a clue when it comes to the most important aspects of his role as President: National Security and International Relations. He is almost childlike in his naivete.

But perhaps the most disturbing element of Barak Obama’s character is his glaring indecisiveness. And while his adoring fans, especially those in the press, attempt to defend his inability to act decisively as “proof” of his intelligence and his “nuanced” thinking, many of those who have worked closely with him are becoming more and more concerned. Because while Obama has no problem “campaigning” for his pet social projects like Obamacare, when it comes to dealing with the real, serious threats to the stability of the world, the man simply can’t make a decision.

And of all the qualities that a leader must have, decisiveness is paramount. Whether in politics, war, or business, the ability to quickly assess a situation and take clear and substantive action is absolutely essential to success. Think of Winston Churchill, General George Patton, or even Harry Truman, who had to make one of the most monumental decisions of the 20th Century – dropping the first atomic bomb.

But when the time came, these men did not hesitate. They acted. Decisively.

And the world is better for it.

But decisiveness in a leader is the result of confidence that can only be gained by experience. And not just any experience, but the experience gained while making executive decisions that cannot be laid at the feet of someone else. In other words, jobs where “the buck stops here.”

Unfortunately, Obama had absolutely zero executive experience prior to the Presidency, and he has never had any real job in the private sector at all.

And it shows.

John Caile