Mr. Obama, You Are No Jack Kennedy

After announcing to the Chamber of Commerce that he would continue unsustainable Federal spending, while doing nothing to reduce the mountain of onerous regulations on business, President Obama’s toadies in the media had the audacity to suggest that his speech was somehow reminiscent of John F. Kennedy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike Barak Obama, John Kennedy actually understood the realities of business, and more importantly, how cutting taxes on businesses and individuals not only stimulates economic growth, it results in increased tax revenues to both Federal and State treasuries.

Additionally, while Barak Obama does little to hide his hostility toward corporate America, President Kennedy evidenced a genuine respect and admiration for the entrepreneurs who are the foundation of American prosperity. Because JFK understood that a vibrant private sector is good for all Americans. If you were to read one of Kennedy’s speeches on tax policy to one of your liberal friends today, without letting them know whose it was, they would likely conclude they were listening to the words of Ronald Reagan, if not Rush Limbaugh.

Remember that it was John Kennedy who time and again advocated reductions in tax rates for those in the top income brackets, both businesses and individuals – something that Obama would abhor as a “gift” to the “rich,” whom Obama reviles to an extent heretofore unseen in any American President. Even when Obama does allow for the possibility of modest reductions to the corporate tax rate (as he finally did recently) it appears almost painful for him to consider.

But Kennedy knew that success should be admired, not demonized, and that cutting taxes on those who provide the vast majority of the private sector jobs is the most effective way to get the economy moving and grow employment opportunities. Obama, on the other hand, seems obsessed with growing only government jobs – a strategy which drains yet more capital from the private sector, while adding to the already bloated Federal budget. Not to mention pushing our debt to stratospheric levels unseen in our nation’s history.

Mr. Obama, we knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of ours. And you, sir, are no Jack Kennedy.

John Caile