Why Reasoning with Liberals is so Frustrating

If you’ve ever tried to calmly explain to a liberal why some government policy is good or bad, you have doubtless run into the “Wall of Ignorance” – simply put, the absolute refusal to confront factual reality. No matter the topic, as soon as you start running down the list of facts that completely refute the premise of your liberal friends, they will simply refuse to admit that their position is untenable.

It’s as if they live in a world where “belief” or even more disturbing, “opinion” takes precedence over fact and reality. For example, I have heard the following statement, almost verbatim, from at least three liberal legislators, in defense of one ridiculous law or another: “I have no evidence to support it, but I believe….”

Think about that for a moment. No evidence. None. Yet they are ready to ram through some new infringement on the public’s freedoms, pocketbooks, or both – simply based on a “belief.” Because, more often than not, they don’t think – they feel. Worse, even after you prove that the beliefs which were the basis of their stance are completely untrue, it will make not one whit of difference to them.

Take the oft-heard liberal lie that “the rich don’t pay any taxes”  – often used as an excuse to raise taxes on “the rich” even more. (Note: They never explain why they paradoxically want to raise taxes on people who, according to them, “don’t pay taxes” – how does that work, exactly?) Even when you point out that IRS official records, taken right off actual tax returns, show that the higher up the ladder in income you go, the more the income tax burden falls on “the rich” – liberals don’t care.

They either refuse to accept the cold hard facts, or respond with a non-sequitur like “those rich guys all have loopholes.” Never mind that IRS figures are for net earnings after all deductions, and show that the top 10% of wage earners pay 70% of all income taxes. Never mind that without the taxes paid by the top 1% the entire Federal Government would have to lay off about 30% of their workers, and State governments would be even more broke than they are now.

Nope. Doesn’t matter. Gotta “stick it to those rich guys” you see.

And then there’s gun control. No sooner had Gabrielle Giffords got to the emergency room than the anti-gun fanatics were demanding more laws to “prevent this from ever happening again.” Now, aside from the fact that nothing we do will ever completely prevent bad things from happening, when you ask the gun control supporters why they believe that restrictions on the 99.5% of gun owners who never harm or even threaten anybody, will somehow stop some crazed killer, the answers will be along the same lines: “I just believe that guns should be regulated” or “We have to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.”

But when you present them with hard data from the FBI and the BATFE showing conclusively that crime is highest where gun control laws are the strictest, and lowest where laws are less restrictive, and that no laws have been able to keep gang members and the mentally deranged from getting guns via the black market, once again, the response is completely irrational: “But something must be done!”

Then there is the global warming hoax, that has produced disastrous policies such as Ethanol subsidies and mandates, attempts to tax energy even more, and government mandated light bulbs. Even now, after the perpetrators of the global warming fraud have been caught red-handed “cooking the books” – and world wide temperatures have been proven NOT to be rising for more than 10 years – the liberal “climate change” faithful persist. And why? Because, “even though I have no evidence to support it…I believe that the earth is warming and man is causing it.”

Which is what makes arguing with liberals such an enervating and frustrating exercise. What do you say to a person who says, as a fellow did just the other day, after his entire argument was completely, and factually, dismantled, “I don’t care what the facts show – that’s my opinion.”  Faced with looming issues such as the impending bankruptcy of programs like Social Security and Medicare, not to mention the country itself, liberals will simply refuse to admit that they are wrong, in spite of the most obvious facts to the contrary.

But if we are to survive as a nation, coming to grips with the harsh realities we face is absolutely vital, no matter how much we want to “believe” otherwise.

John Caile