"Lock and Load?" - You Bet!

The American Left, having been slaughtered in the mid-term elections, is so furious at losing in the arena of ideas that they now want to do everything they can to stifle free expression. Their battle plan is simple: portray any disagreement with left-wing  policies as “promoting violence.” Their targets are conservatives in general, but they have really set their sights on the most high profile critics of their creeping socialism – Talk Radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and high profile critics of big government like Sarah Palin.

But their attacks are disingenuous – aside from the fact that “anti-government rhetoric” is fully protected by the 1st Amendment, it is also an American tradition – we were founded on opposition to an oppressive government. But more to the point, how does such language translate into violence? Well, according to the Left, it is because “right wing Talk Radio” is filled with “hate” and that surely “encourages” violence. By the way, when any of your liberal friends express agreement with this view, just ask them how often they listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Glenn Beck. The answer will be that they themselves never listen or watch – but they “know it’s true” because they heard about it on MSNBC or in some left-wing blog like the Huffington Post.

And what, specifically, can these people give as examples of such “hate” mongering? Can they produce a single video of audio clip of any prominent conservative actually urging anyone to engage in violence? Nope. Can they even find the kind of celebration of some liberal’s ill health or death that we have seen time and again from the Left when a medical misfortune befalls a conservative? No again. So what are these frightening exhortations to violence? Apparently, it’s that conservatives use expressions like “targeting” a specific Congressional district in an election, or that Sarah Palin once told an audience “don’t retreat – reload” and even (horrors!) used images of “cross-hairs” to denote which states were considered “battleground” (a term, by the way, that is used by just about every newscaster in the nation).

Wow. THAT would certainly make any average American want to don a Kevlar vest and hide under their bed. We’ve never heard that kind of language before. What drivel. Far more hostile comments have been part and parcel of the American political landscape (dare I say, “battlefield”?) since the founding of the country. Any reading of newspaper editorials over the last 200 years would find commentary that would make today’s dialogue seem almost tame by comparison. But today, it seems that any reference to “war” or “guns” is verboten – unless it is used by a Democrat, of course – Obama’s “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun” comment comes to mind. And remember Bill Clinton’s much heralded “war room” during his campaigns?

Conservatives have come to expect such attacks as standard operating procedure by the Left. But to use the recent shootings in Arizona as an opportunity to advance their political agenda is particularly despicable. And use it they did, and will continue to do. From Marxist professors like Dr. Lamont Hill, to the vile New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, who, barely minutes after the shooting, sagely pronounced: “We don’t have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was.”

Gosh, a liberal Democrat partisan jumping to conclusions with no supporting evidence – now, there’s a shock. And now that it has become clear that the shooter was most definitely not motivated by anything other than his own twisted, bizarre view of the world, don’t look for a retraction from Mr. Krugman. As the motto of the new Left says,”never let a crisis go to waste.”

Oh, as a side note, just imagine if the Arizona shooter had been a Muslim. You probably remember that when the Fort Hood shooter (who killed twice as many people as the Arizona killer) was found to be a (radical) Muslim, the American press practically fell all over themselves urging “restraint” and warning us not to “jump to conclusions” about Nidal Hasan’s radical Muslim background. Surely it had nothing to do with his rampage, in spite of the fact that he yelled the now familiar Muslim terrorist battle cry, “God is Great!” as he opened fire on his victims.

So, how should conservatives respond to this media onslaught against free speech? Simple. Do not allow yourselves to be cowed into political correctness, in the futile hope that the mainstream press will somehow decide to treat you fairly. They never will. Instead, fight back. Lock and Load. Arm yourself with knowledge. Prepare yourself for battle. Never retreat. Never surrender. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

And use every weapon in your arsenal to defeat the enemies of freedom and liberty.

John Caile