Positive Voter I.D. NOW!

In all likelihood, Minnesota can thank convicted felons for the embarrassing fact that their newest United States Senator is an unutterably moronic, washed-up comedian – Al Franken. Why? Because an investigation into the election has so far uncovered 342 convicted felons who voted in the 2008 election, and that’s just the ones we’ve discovered so far.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Here in Minnesota, all that is required in terms of “identification” is that someone “vouches” for you. That’s right, if you show up at a polling place in the State of Minnesota, with NO IDENTIFICATION WHATSOEVER, as long as you have someone standing next to you who says “yep, he’s Joe Smith, and he lives with me” – Joe Smith (or whoever he really is) can vote!

Every election, hang out at a polling place long enough and a van (or even a bus) will show up, unload a bunch of people who seem lost and confused, who will be “vouched for” by the the one English-speaking member of the group as all “living with me” – and they will then vote. And given that at least one of the “voters” will be wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt, there is little doubt for which party they are punching the ballot.

“Senator Al Franken.” Just hearing that phrase still sends chills down the spines of normal Minnesota residents.

What’s next? President Joy Behar?

Don’t laugh. If Democrats continue to have their way when it comes to election fraud, such a frightening scenario is all too much of a possibility. And when it comes to voter fraud, this is not one of those “both sides do it” situations – voter fraud has always been a disproportionately Democrat phenomenon. Insiders know that it was the Chicago Daley “Machine” that produced more than enough votes (from voters dead or alive) to give JFK his razor thin margin of victory in 1960.

Nor is it a case of “only a few bad apples” – for the Far Left that controls the Democrat party today, vote fraud has become an accepted, and intentional, political strategy, a hallmark of Democrat politics everywhere. A perfect example is the “Secretary of State Project” which was conceived and funded by Far-Left billionaire George Soros. He knew that when it came time to deal with the election challenges of Republicans and Independents, having a bought-and-paid-for Secretary of State to make the final decisions in contested elections would be, shall we say, convenient. Minnesota’s own Democrat Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, was part of the SOS project.

From King County in Washington State to the infamous Cook County “Democratic machine” in Chicago, Democrats have been waging a coordinated and strategically planned war against fair and honest elections. And whenever an election is close, as the 2008 Minnesota Senate campaign was between Franken and Republican Norm Coleman, a little bit of fraud can go a long way – after losing by around 900 votes, Franken eventually won by only 312 votes, after a recount in which a disturbingly high percentage of votes turned out to be for the Democrat, in spite of the fact that the overall election results had produced an almost exact 50-50 split.

Another avenue for fraud that needs to be supervised much more closely is so-called “absentee voting” – putatively a way for people who may be out of state or out of the country at election time to cast their votes in advance. American military personnel are a good example. But Democrats have used a number of tactics to cook the books.

With military voters, who tend to vote heavily Republican, ballots are often “delayed” in being sent to soldiers, especially those overseas in combat areas. When the ballots are eventually returned, the presiding authority (in our case the aforementioned Mark Ritchie) can decide if they are “legitimate” if they arrived past the official deadline – gosh, I wonder which way a Soros-and-ACORN backed official is likely to decide…

Then of course there are the magically “found” ballots that turn up at the last minute – the only thing magical about them being that they are invariably 90% in favor of the Democrat candidate.  In the Franken-Coleman debacle, boxes of votes were “forgotten” by an election official in the trunk of his car. And yes, they were allowed to be added to the recount total – once again, amazing as it may seem, being almost all of the votes were for….Al Franken.

It is long past time that all voters – Democrat, Republican, and Independent – demand that we have consistent, reliable, and fraud-proof standards for EVERY state. Voting is too important to be made too easy – it SHOULD take at least a modicum of effort if you actually care about the integrity of the process.

NO same day voter registration – you have at least 2 YEARS to register to vote. If you are so lazy that you can’t take a half hour out of your life to register even a day in advance, then your vote is likely not important enough to you.

NO “online” voting – if ever there was an idea that would make wholesale fraud possible, it is the thought that people should be able to vote from their computer, sitting at home in their pajamas.

But more than any other procedure we can establish to prevent, or at least reduce, voter fraud, nothing is more important than POSITIVE VOTER I.D. – it is time to DEMAND that anyone who wants to vote MUST provide a genuine, tamper-proof, government-certified, PHOTO I.D. that VERIFIES that they are who they say they are, that they are a CITIZEN of the United States (and an actual resident of the district in which they vote), and that they are NOT prohibited from voting (i.e. a convicted felon).

And unless and until we take that step, Democrat operatives, from ACORN to MoveOn.org to George Soros, will be tilting the tables in every close election. Because after all of the bogus arguments against Voter ID are exhausted, there is only one reason for anyone to oppose it…

…they want to be able to cheat.