Juan Williams - Lynched for Thought Crimes

The firing of liberal pundit Juan Williams by oh-so-liberal National Public Radio has provided a perfect example of the dangerous nature of the insidious concept known as “hate crimes.” For those not familiar with the issue which lead to Williams being tossed out on the street, you can see the report at:


For simply admitting that he feels a level of concern and uneasiness when, at an airport, he encounters people who are obviously Muslim, Williams has been (to use an especially loaded term) “lynched” by his employer. And lynching is the proper term – Williams was not given anything approaching his “day in court” – his boss didn’t even have the courtesy to tell him in person, she fired him over the phone.

But the larger issue is that Williams, a man with an impeccable history of defending civil rights, was punished not for anything he did, nor even for anything that he advocated, but merely for what he felt. Williams did not suggest that Muslims should not be allowed to fly. In fact, he did not endorse any action whatsoever against Muslims. He simply admitted what was going through his mind.

And let’s face it, anyone in America today who denies that they have a similar reaction in the same circumstances is either lying or lobotomized. Given the realities of terrorism in the world today, it would be odd not to have such a reaction. And such feelings are not even unusual – Jesse Jackson once confessed that when he heard footsteps following him at night, he was “relieved” when the young men behind him turned out be white, and not black.

Naturally, the same left-leaning media types who ignored Jackson’s comment immediately piled on Williams, calling his remarks “anti-Muslim” and examples of his “bigotry” – this against a man who has written more about race relations than anyone at MSNBC has ever read. By the way, the rather interesting fact that ultra-liberal socialist thug George Soros only recently wrote a $Million plus check to NPR (coincidence?) has been almost completely ignored by the press.

But more than political correctness run amok, Williams tribulations underscore the fundamental flaw in all “hate crimes” legislation – one’s actions become secondary to one’s thoughts, and even feelings. Civil libertarians have long warned that “hate crimes” laws would inevitably unleash the “Thought Police” – and if we continue down this road, how long will it be before someone like Juan Williams doesn’t merely lose his job, but is prosecuted in criminal court?

Think it can’t happen?

Think again.