Warning to Republicans

Too many Republican politicians are already gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of retaking control of the House of Representatives. They should be careful – the voters’ disenchantment with Obama and the Democrats does not automatically translate into trust of the GOP.

On the contrary, if Republicans do indeed take over the House, and gain a few seats in the Senate, they will be subjected to a level of scrutiny that is far more intense than the attention paid to Democrats. The reasons are not complicated. Voters have no illusions about the Democratic Party, which has clearly fallen under the “leadership” of a cabal of crypto-communist radicals, bent on remaking America into a socialist nightmare.

But the People will rightfully expect the Republicans to offer more than the usual “Democrat Lite” policies that lead the GOP astray after they last had a majority in the Congress. They want real, substantive policies that will make a difference – not just “tweaking” of the monstrous government takeover of business that has taken place under Democrat control.

Because in spite of some positive signs that Republicans have learned their lesson – the spate of new, young conservative leaders for example – there is still reason for skepticism. One reason is that much of the “Old Guard” types like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are still at the wheel, and voters, especially independents, are looking for new ideas.

Even the so-called “Pledge to America” – while a move in the right direction – contains wishy-washy language about removing “parts” of the overreaching Obama agenda. But most Americans have made it clear that they don’t want piece-meal reform – they want REPEAL of all the job-killing initiatives that have been force-fed to the country.

And there is also no guarantee that Republicans will hold fast even to the lofty principles they outlined in the Pledge. In discussing taxes, for example, more than one Republican leader made disturbingly qualifying statements decrying “raising taxes during a recession” – meaning what? That they are more than willing to raise taxes as soon as the economy picks up steam?

Republicans have a lot of ground to make up with voters who are rightly suspicious of a party that in recent times has proven to be only slightly less inclined to raise taxes and spend like drunken sailors than the Democrats they seek to replace. If Republicans do indeed make the gains in the Congress that they anticipate, they should understand that they will be on a very short leash – and any backtracking or reneging on their “Pledge” will lead to them being jerked back into reality with a force that will make a choke collar seem tame by comparison…

John Caile