Democrat Media Blitz Shifts into High Gear

It happens with monotonous regularity – the closer we get to an election, the more the link between the Democrat-friendly news and entertainment programming groups becomes clearly visible. For at least the last couple of decades, the meshing of entertainment and news has been a conscious (and often diabolically successful) propaganda effort – Heir Goebbels would swoon with envy.

And with Democrats looking at a near catastrophe this November, they are falling back on their usual time-tested tactic: demonizing Republicans as the “far right” in America.

Republicans want to “take away your Social Security!”

Conservatives “don’t care about he poor!”

Tea Party members “are racists!”

The mainstream press is only too happy to jump on board – in just about every candidate debate, some left-wing “moderator” will somehow find a way to ask a question of the conservative candidate that is expressly designed to trap them (while taking the focus away from much bigger and more obvious problems like the economy –  a glaring problem for Democrats).

Abortion – “When do YOU believe human life begins?” Designed to portray the conservative candidate as “anti-choice” and “out of step” – no matter how they answer the question.

Evolution – “Do you believe that evolution should be taught in schools?” This is a “two-fer” – regardless of how this one is answered, it gives the Democrat the opportunity to attack their opponent as oh-so-ignorant peasant who is “out of step” with modern science AND a religious zealot.

Naturally, even when the Republican candidate says nothing particularly unusual or even incorrect, the media will carefully edit and craft their “reporting” to make the conservative candidate sound like a crack-pot, complete with the now standard condescending smirk by the liberal talking head journalist – the “wink-wink” that seals the deal.

But if the news media has all but abandoned their role as neutral reporters, the entertainment media has become even more involved in propagating the liberal viewpoint, sometimes even inserting blatantly biased political messages in the story lines of dramatic and even comedy shows.

“Boston Legal” is the reigning champ in this category. They seem unable to get through a single  episode without a 10-minute diatribe against capitalism, Republicans, the “rich” and just about everyone in America who does not subscribe to their overtly socialist view of the world.

Even shows like NCIS have gotten into the game – last night’s episode of “NCIS – Los Angeles” featured a plot line involving a quasi-terrorist group attempting to buy Stinger-like missiles from a black-market arms dealer. And who, exactly, are these people who represent such a serious threat to the American public. Al-Qaeda? Hamas? Islamic Jihad? The ultra-violent Salvadoran gang M.S. 13, which has expanded its networks throughout the United States? The heavily armed Mexican drug-cartels who are already wreaking havoc along our Southern border?

Nope. None of the above.

The villains in this show turn out to be….”white supremacists.”

That’s right. In the La-La Land of the liberal TV writer, the real terrorist threat today does not come from the estimated MILLIONS of Muslim Jihadists around the world, searching the globe for nuclear and/or biological weapons. Nor do we need to be concerned about the thousands of violent street gangs now infesting every major city in America.

Oh, no. To these Leftist loons the people that Americans REALLY have to fear are a few red-neck trailer park dwellers and their 1st-cousin wives. Silly? Of course. But when you add up all of the time that such themes appear, over and over again, in a whole panoply of entertainment programming, it isn’t hard to understand where a whole segment of the American voting public gets their skewed view of world.

And just in time for the mid-term election…what a coincidence.