Redefining "Extreme"

No one who has closely followed the American media will be surprised by the ever-increasing use of the word “extreme” in what are ostensibly “news” stories. But don’t look for that label to ever be attached to Democrats, or to any left-leaning group for that matter.

You see, in the world of today’s ever more left-wing mainstream media, the term “extreme” is almost exclusively applied to those who oppose turning the United States into a socialist nightmare. Note how often the word “extreme” is followed invariably with the words “right” or “right wing” – yet almost never do you see the phrases “extreme left” or “extreme left wing” in any major news venue.

The Tea Party movement, which is the latest victim of the “extreme” label, ironically includes a large contingent of Democrats. But no matter, if you simply don’t like the government takeover of the health care system, or you are frustrated with high taxes and the growth of the nanny-state, then you are “extreme.”

But who today is truly “extreme” in their views? The Democratic Party has clearly been hijacked by some of the most outrageously left-wing radicals in American history. They even admit it – many of Obama’s closest associates, even cabinet level appointees, have openly bragged about being socialists, or outright Communists. Many of these radicals have publicly called for the abolition of capitalism.

Yet nobody in the “Old Media” lets out a peep. To them, advocating the total destruction of the American free enterprise system is “mainstream” thinking. But simply wanting to preserve the most successful economic and political system in the history of the world is an “extreme” position.

Bill Ayers. Jeremiah Wright. Van Jones. And the list goes on and on. Every time we turn around, another far-left loon is uncovered as being closely associated with either Obama specifically or the Democrat party in general. Even Obaba’s picks for the Supreme Court are as radical a pair of justices as have ever been seen on the bench.

Environmentalist crazies burn luxury homes in California, and vandalize  SUVs at car dealers. Socialist protesters riot and damage stores in opposition to the WTO every time there is a conference. The New Black Panthers attempt to intimidate voters at a polling place, brandishing weapons.

Yet when was the last time you heard or read anything in the mainstream media that included the label “extreme” or “radical” applied to any of these far-left loons? In fact, while a search of mainstream media news stories for the phrases “the extreme right” or “far right wing” will yield thousands of hits, an identical search for “the extreme left” or “far left wing” will come up nearly empty.

And with the impending debacle facing Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections, expect the liberal media types to ratchet up the “extreme” label to nearly ear-splitting levels.

John Caile