Democrat Stategy for 2010 Mid-Terms

Republicans who are already contemplating what sort of drapes they will hang in their new offices should be forewarned – Democrats will not go quietly into the night. But in the face of an almost tsunami-like wave of anger and disgust at the Obama administration and Congress, what can Democrats possibly do to turn the tide?

They will do what Democrats have always done – lie, demonize, and cheat.

Lies, and I do mean flat out lies (not “mis-statements” or “errors”), have been a key ingredient in the Democrat strategy for as long as there have been Democrats. From the “global warming” fraud to “free healthcare” to the “stimulus” bill, whenever Democrats want to pass yet one more government takeover of your life, facts take a back seat to fake “studies” and testimony by disingenuous sources.

At election time, the lies come fast and furious. Obama claims that the economic mess we are in was “inherited” from the Bush Administration. False – while George Bush was hardly frugal with the taxpayers’ money, the reckless spending binge began when Democrats took over Congress in 2007, and Obaba’s “stimulus” debacle QUADRUPLED the deficit in one stroke.

Even the housing crisis, which Democrats try to blame on Republicans, is the result of Democrat policies over 30 years that forced banks to loan money to people who could never pay them back. Today, millions of homeowners, even those who do make their payments on time, are facing foreclosure because they owe more than their houses are worth. But that won’t stop Democrats from lying about it.

Another lie is that the Obama “stimulus” is working. False – unemployment (which, by the way, was only 4.9% the day before the Democrats became the majority in 2007) has stagnated at nearly 10%, and not in spite of the stimulus, but BECAUSE OF IT. Unlike Democrats, business owners actually understand economics – they can see the handwriting on the wall. And they are terrified of what Democrats are going to do next. But facts will not stop Democrats from repeating these lies over and over again – and they will be dutifully echoed by their oh-so-willing co-conspirators in the media.

Next, they will demonize, demonize, demonize. They will demonize Republicans as “not caring about the poor” – in spite of the fact that it has been the failed policies of the Democrat party that have resulted in 2nd and 3rd generations of people still being on welfare. After more than a TRILLION dollars of social entitlement spending, we have the same percentage of people in poverty as we did in the 1960’s. Black families have been especially hard-hit by Democrat policies, yet every election season these same Democrats try to buy the votes of African-Americans by falsely accuse Republicans and conservatives of racism and bigotry.

Democrats love to demonize “business” – an interesting concept considering that just about every private sector job is produced by business, NOT government. Note that pejorative terms like “Big Oil” and “Big Insurance” were inventions of Democrats, but you will never hear Obama talk about “Big Labor Unions” or the (genuine) evils of “Big Government.”

And they are really hell-bent on demonizing the “Tea Party” people, whom the try to paint as “radical” or “extreme” or even “crazy.” Seems that Democrats see any American who believes in fiscal sanity, Constitutional fidelity, and maximum personal liberty is “extreme” and therefore should be “scary” to the electorate. Unfortunately, this is yet another area where the Democrat-controlled media is only to eager to jump on the bandwagon.

Watch for the press to dig into every corner of the lives of any Tea Party backed candidates, no matter how far back they have to go, in order to smear and destroy them. Delaware’s Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will be first on their hit list. Meanwhile, the fact that her Democrat opponent, Chris Coons, is a self-described Marxist will be dutifully ignored.

But perhaps most insidious of all, Democrats relentlessly demonize “the rich” – as if being successful were something shameful. Democrats have had an ongoing policy of financially raping those who do well in life. And now they want to raise taxes even more on those already paying a huge chunk of their income – by extending the “Bush Tax Cuts” only for those making less than $250,000 a year.

Sadly, after decades of this malicious propaganda, there are a significant number of Americans who actually fall for the myth that “the rich” are somehow “getting tax breaks” that the “middle class” does not.

Here in Minnesota, the Democrat candidate for governor, former Senator Mark Dayton, has essentially founded his campaign on a single promise – to “make the rich pay their ‘fair share’ of taxes.” Apparently, the fact that the top half of taxpayers pay 97% of ALL the income taxes collected, while those in the bottom half pay only 3% is not “fair” enough for Mr. Dayton. Perhaps a 100% tax on “the rich” will be enough. But we doubt it.

Such pitting of one group of Americans against another should be roundly denounced. But, sadly, a rather disturbing percentage of Americans have been so brainwashed by the endless repetition of the “tax the rich” mantra, that the Democrat “Class Warfare” rhetoric has had an affect – too many Americans actually believe it.

Lastly, and especially when a particular political race is too close to call, you can almost bank on the fact that the Democrats will do the one thing they have done better than anyone – CHEAT. From the massive Chicago ballot-box stuffing in the 1960 election that insiders pretty much knew put John F. Kennedy into the White House, to the 2008 Minnesota contest that eventually resulted in the embarrassing Al Franken ending up in the United States Senate, Democrat voter fraud can be counted on to “save the day” for their candidates.

Having initially lost to Republican Norm Coleman, Franken’s willing allies in the Democrat controlled Secretary of State’s office, were somehow able to keep “finding” votes (in boxes, file cabinets, and in one case, the trunk of a car). Naturally, no one thought it odd that virtually ALL of the newly found votes were for…Al Franken. And as if to underscore the point, it was just recently discovered that over 3000 convicted felons illegally voted for Franken – more than the eventual number of votes that put Franken over the top.

So as some of the the really close races around the country get down to the wire, be ready for an army of former ACORN workers and others to do what they do so well – cheat.

Because, as we used to say in Chicago, “Democrats believe so strongly in the right to vote, that many of them have been known to continue voting for years after their own deaths.”

John Caile