It Ain't About Lead...or Even Guns

The recent announcement that the EPA will not go through with their outrageous plan to ban lead bullets has been inaccurately portrayed in the media as an example of the agency “surrendering” to the NRA. More likely, the EPA’s decision was the result of a frantic call from the Whitehouse. Because the reality is that the American people have made it clear that they do not support such stealth attacks on gun ownership. And such a move by the EPA would likely have turned the already impending debacle in November into a virtual slaughter of Democrats.

Before the 2006 election, 47% of American homes owned at least one gun. Since Obama and the Democrats took over the country, gun ownership in America has soared – and a huge percentage of the purchasers are new buyers. They rightly feared the underlying hatred of individual liberty that infects today’s Democrat Party.

The EPA, like many bureaucratic behemoths in the Federal government, has gotten completely out of control, intruding on every aspect of our lives. Declaring CO2 a “pollutant” was absurd enough. But banning lead bullets will do nothing to “protect” the environment, nor save a single human life. It’s sole purpose is to attack legitimate gun owners.

And blaming the NRA is disingenuous – most gun owners, whether or not they contribute to the NRA, vehemently oppose more idiotic restrictions on their rights, and the gun control zealots have learned that frontal assaults on guns is a huge loser at the ballot box. The result is that the anti-gun fanatics (and they ARE fanatics), have changed to guerrilla tactics, doing everything they can to make owning a gun ever more expensive, ever more complicated, and ever more financially and legally risky.

The anti-lead initiative, pushed by environmentalist extremists, is just one more case of Democrats using unelected bureaucrats (this time at the EPA) to accomplish what liberals have failed to do in the legislative process. And it won’t be the last. Today’s Democratic Party is run by a group of “progressive” fascists who simply hate liberty – they abhor the idea that you should be able to make your own decisions, from what food you eat, to what car you drive, what light bulb you have in your home, or whether or not you own a gun to protect yourself and your family.
And unless these Stalinists are given a serious defeat in November, 2010, they will keep attacking your liberty, again and again. Because whether or not you think YOUR Democrat is “good on guns” is irrelevant – the problem is that unless and until the Democrat Party is returned to permanent minority status, the attacks on your freedoms will continue.

Black or White, rich or poor, gay or straight, white collar or union guy – if you are a gun owner (or you simply love liberty) and you actually consider voting for ANY Democrat, you should seek professional help.

Because to do so would be to shoot yourself in the head…metaphorically, of course…

John Caile