Illegal Immigration - When Bias Trumps Truth

If you happened to catch CNN Tuesday night, you would have seen why your friends who watch only “old media” continue to be utterly clueless about the truth behind the illegal immigration problem.

It was painfully obvious that the CNN anchors were all on the side of the illegals. The “reporting” consisted of little more than an endless parade of open-boarder activists (why do they all have heavy Spanish accents?) with whom the CNN reporters expressed undisguised support. Typical question: “Why do you think gun-toting, bigoted Arizona white guys want to shoot Mexican workers who only want a better life for their families?” OK, a slight exaggeration…but not much.

CNN even saw fit to ask a bunch of people in East Africa what they thought about the Arizona law! That’s right, rather than talking to actual residents of Arizona and Texas about the kidnappings, rapes, torture, murders, and out of control violence along our Southern boarders, CNN instead wanted to hear what people an ocean away think abut an American law!

Perhaps the worst segment occurred when CNN’s Rick Sanchez, long known for his pro-illegal bias, came almost unglued when he interviewed a Congressman who expressed concern about the negative impacts of the flood of illegals. Sanchez could barely contain himself – instead of simply asking questions, he practically attacked his guest at every turn, at one point angrily declaring that illegals “all pay taxes!”

Sanchez’s bias was so blatant that it was almost embarrassing. One cannot help wondering whether Sanchez, like Geraldo Rivera, is so prejudiced by his own ethnic heritage that he is allowing it to blind him to reason.

Sanchez is not unique. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Today Show or Good Morning America to interview any Arizona or Texas residents who day after day have to deal with the violence and crime at the hands of illegals. Phoenix continues to be the kidnapping capitol of America, and many of those who live close to the Mexican boarder admit that they cannot answer their doors without having a gun in their hand.

But instead of holding to their ethical obligation to neutrally report the news, ABC, NBC, CNN, and especially MSNBC, have all decided to take the side of the illegals, and to use their considerable power to mount a propaganda campaign to mislead the American people.

John Caile