When Will Enough Be Enough?

A man who came to the aid of a woman being beaten on a St. Paul bus was himself savagely beaten and left unconscious:

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – A man trying to help a girl from getting assaulted and beaten at a St. Paul bus stop spoke out about the night of the attack. Eric Skripka, 33, was battered and bruised but he says he had to do something when he saw Brian Harper assaulting a girl while getting off the 16 bus on University Avenue in St. Paul.

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The Minnesota case comes on the heels of a series of attacks in Florida, where, perhaps even more disturbingly, “Good Samaritans” were actually targeted. In at least four cases, a woman acted as a decoy, asking for help with her car. In the latest case, when the citizen came to her aid, a man with a gun suddenly appeared and pistol whipped him, then taking his wallet.


What these two incidents, occurring more than a thousand miles apart, illustrate is an increasing level of vicious violence, something law enforcement authorities have been documenting over the last decade. The thugs are getting more and more brutal, and younger.

Here in Minnesota, we now have over 75,000 people with permits to carry handguns. Sooner or later, some scumbag will pick on the wrong person, and they will wind up getting shot.

But, unfortunately, the odds are that the “news” reports will portray the attacker as the victim, complete with tearful proclamations by his mother about how the vicious little thug was “a good boy” – meanwhile, the citizen who is the real victim will be painted as a “vigilante” for simply protecting themselves.

And while protecting yourself is not without a whole host of potential legal entanglements, attempting to come to the aid of someone else can be even riskier. The result is that many people who do have the ability to intervene will often choose not to – rather than face the onslaught of the American “justice” system.

A 100 years ago, NOT coming to the aid of a person being attacked would have brought shame and condemnation – when a young man in New York city, General George Patten once used his handgun to chase down a robber and retrieve a woman’s purse. Today, he would  likely be portrayed as a “cowboy” and could even be charged with assault.

Which begs the question: what have we come to when our culture, not to mention our legal system, seems to be more interested in protecting thugs and scumbags than we are in keeping the innocent safe?

And when will be realize that without having the ability, and willingness, to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens, our culture will continue to disintegrate?

John Caile