You Know Democrats Are Desperate When...

If you had any doubt that Democrats are in a panic about the November mid-term election, you need only look at how they are now trying to paint themselves as pro-gun. As the Boston Globe reports:

MANCHESTER, N.H. July 14, 2010 – Democratic candidates in key states are embracing gun owners’ rights, winning favor from the National Rifle Association, a lobby that has long been the target of disdain from the party faithful.In New Hampshire, Representative Paul Hodes, a Democratic Senate candidate, has an “A minus’’ NRA rating, potentially insulating him from progun rights attacks in a state that’s big on hunting and personal liberties.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid,in a bruising campaign for reelection in Nevada, has conservative activists buzzing because the NRA is considering endorsing his reelection.

Indiana’s Democratic Senate candidate Brad Ellsworth, who has an “A’’ rating from the NRA, may get the group’s endorsement this fall over GOP candidate Dan Coats, whom the NRA criticized in mailings to Hoosiers as being weak on gun rights.

And in Kentucky, Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway has not only heralded gun rights but also signed friend-of-the court briefs supporting gun owners before two landmark Supreme Court rulings backing their rights in District of Columbia and Chicago cases.

“I think there’s been a change in the country as a whole,’’ said Jon Delano, an independent political analyst associated with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

“Unless you’re from an urban area, where gun violence is so intense that there’s a feeling you need to control these weapons, the vast majority across the country do not support gun control.’’

That’s putting it mildly – since the day after Obama’s inauguration gun sales in the U.S. have soared, up 40%, in spite of a recession. And it has not merely been the result of existing gun owners adding to their collections – a big part of the run on guns has been attributed to first time buyers.

Ammunition sales have been equally robust – from small local shops to mega-stores like Wal-Mart, gun owners have been clearing the shelves of popular rifle and pistol ammo as fast as the staff could put them out. Only recently have ammunition supplies begun to return to pre-Obama levels. Apparently, the likely massacre of Democrats in the upcoming election has alleviated some of the concerns.

But the real question is whether gun owners will be naive enough to believe that Democrats have genuinely changed their ways, or will they see though what is more likely just the latest attempt by Democrats to pull the wool over the eyes of gun owners until they can get back in power.

Having seen the abysmal record of Democrats on gun rights since the Party was taken over by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Far-Left, forgive me if I subscribe to the latter view.

John Caile