Immigration "Reform" Explained

Every time American citizens demand that we actually enforce our borders, Democrats invariably respond with the canard that we “need comprehensive immigration reform” – which is simply the latest example of their standard approach: disguise the issue with verbal sleight of hand.

Because the only “reform” that we really need is to first get the Federal government to do their job of enforcing our borders to keep illegals from entering the country, and second, establish rules and laws that prevent illegals from receiving any of the benefits intended for genuine American citizens (free medical care, welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc.).

Aaaaah, but that would run counter to the Democrats’ real motivation for “immigration reform” – to establish a huge new block of reliably Democrat voters by creating yet another group of people dependent on government.

It’s the same reason Democrats are always fighting tooth and nail to prevent states from demanding a legitimate form of identification in order to vote – as one politico said, “if we ever had completely honest elections, Democrats would be relegated to permanent minority status in just about every elected body in the nation.”

After all, the real goals of Democrat “reform” are not that complicated. It is as simple as 1-2-3. They want to:

1 – Take the estimated 40 million people who have come across the border illegally and declaring them to be citizens.

2 – Get as many of them as possible onto the welfare rolls, and into every conceivable social program that exists.

3 – Sign them up as registered Democrats.

That’s it.

So the next time you hear the term “comprehensive immigration reform” from the mouth of some liberal Democrat, ignore the soppy rhetoric about “caring for the downtrodden” and just remind yourself of what it really means.

And vote accordingly.

While your vote can still make a difference…

John Caile