Obama - Pathetically Unsuited to Lead

President Obama’s lackluster speech Tuesday evening, which was supposed to assuage American’s fears over the Gulf oil spill, in fact did just the opposite. Rather than outlining clear and definitive plans to stop the leak, he instead launched into his now trademark bashing of Big Oil, talking more about making BP pay restitution than dealing directly with the problem.

So vapid and lacking in substance was Obama’s talk that even his most stalwart supporters, including sycophants like MSNBC’s Chris Mathews, were openly deriding it as not what Americans were expecting.

Oh, Obama tried desperately to “look Presidential” – he always does – but he failed to come up with anything other than his usual litany of bumper sticker slogans about “ending our addiction to fossil fuels” and “doing whatever it takes” to achieve “energy independence.”

Nice sounding campaign rhetoric, but Obama then announced that he would stay with his knee-jerk decision to place a moratorium on deep-water drilling. Which will not only make us more dependent on foreign sources of oil, but will put at least 20,000 Gulf area residents out of work, thereby deepening the recession, and eventually producing higher gas prices at the pump for all consumers.

Besides, the major reason that oil companies have been forced to drill in deep water in the first place is that Democrats have for years closed off just about every major on-shore oil fields to drilling, as well as preventing drilling in shallow water closer to shore, which is far less difficult and risky than deep water exploration.

But it was Obama’s “solution” to the oil spill that caused the greatest blow-back from the public, liberals included – Obama is going to appoint yet one more “commission” (including, of course, his usual gaggle of academic egg-heads) to “study the problem” and “make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Well, beside the fact that there is absolutely nothing that anyone, including the President of the United States, can do to guarantee that ANYTHING will never happen again, the public is fed up with “commissions” – they want action, substantive ACTION that will yield RESULTS.

But it didn’t end there.

Obama then used the Gulf crisis as an excuse to push his “environmental” agenda – including the infamous “Cap and Trade” legislation that will not only immediately expand government power over private citizens to a degree unheard of in our history, it will also have a disastrous affect on the American economy in the long term.

The bottom line is this: Obama’s lack of managerial experience is becoming painfully obvious. Even Bill Clinton, with whom I have often disagreed, had the savvy to react quickly to problems, which was a direct result of his being a governor for ten years.

And Louisiana’s firebrand Bobby Jindal, the youngest governor in the nation and still in his first term, already exhibits the kind of problem solving skills and leadership qualities that Americans crave – Jindal’s approval ratings are in the stratosphere.

But Obama has clearly shown that he has neither the experience, the knowledge, nor the temperament to be a leader of a Boy Scout troop, let alone the leader of the Free World.

And it’s long past the time that we all admit it…

John Caile