Cap and Trade. Big Brother is Here....and He's Wearing "Green"

What is perhaps the most insidious and economically disastrous piece of government intrusion in history is about to be foisted on the American people.

And nobody is paying attention.

I’m referring, of course, to the looming “Cap and Trade” bill – the latest attempt by the American Left to take control of just about every aspect of your life.

This ridiculous scheme is predicated on the myth that carbon dioxide is somehow responsible for “global warming” – the notion that “climate change” is threatening the world, and that people (especially the people of wealthy, successful nations) are responsible for the it.

Never mind that carbon dioxide has been shown to have nothing to do with the natural and recurring changes in global temperatures (increases in CO2 have now been proven to occur after a rise in temperature, not the other way around – thus carbon dioxide cannot possibly be the cause of any warming).

Never mind that CO2 isn’t even a major “greenhouse” gas anyway – water vapor (clouds) are the primary mechanism of retaining the sun’s energy.

Never mind that the “climate-gate” scandal showed what thinking people already suspected – that the “global warming” fanatics had been found guilty of falsifying data and rigging the computer models to produce the desired results.

Never mind that the Earth has experienced changes in climate over millions of years, and, inconveniently for the climate crazies, has actually been cooling for the last 11 years.

Never mind that for every picture of a glacier receding you can find another glacier that is expanding.

Never mind that the entire Cap and Trade fraud will be used make Al Gore and others outrageously rich, by “trading” so called “carbon offsets” – the “Chicago Climate Exchange” is already being set up to act as the trading vehicle (imagine the BILLIONS in commissions that will be accumulated by the new “carbon brokers”).

Never mind that every business will be subjected to unelected government bureaucrats being able to decide how much energy they “need” – with a tax on every watt beyond some arbitrary limit, adding yet one more job-killing operational expense to an already over-taxed and over-regulated private sector economy.

Never mind that there are, right now, devices being readied that will be installed in your home, which will allow the government to decide what appliances you will be “allowed” to use and how often you will be able to use them.

Even more frightening, if you exceed your “allotted” usage, the electronic “Big Brother” in your home will be used to shut down your power!

Yet perhaps the most disturbing element surrounding this outrageous affront to personal freedom is the fact that so many people seem to be completely unaware of it. Mention “Cap and Trade” and you will likely get a confused expression and a phrase something like “…cap and what?”

So if you are, as I am, concerned about the relentless attacks on our personal freedoms that have been the hallmark of the current Administration and the Democrat controlled Congress, you will need to make sure that everyone you meet understands the reality behind the Cap and Trade scam, and how it will negatively affect the lives of every single American.

The alternative is too scary to consider…

John Caile