A Man, A Plane...and a Rare Glimpse into American History

If you want to understand a little bit about why they were called “the Greatest Generation” you need only view this remarkable film by Chris Woods. It is more than a movie about an airplane, or even about one man. It is a look back into everything that is best about America.

An America that designed and built the P-51 Mustang, an aircraft world renowned as one of the premiere fighter aircraft of all time…and the same America that produced a generation of men whose quiet courage, sacrifice, and commitment should inspire all of us with nothing short of awe.

So take time out from your busy life (the film runs almost half an hour – not much to ask compared to what these men gave us), turn off the cell phone, sit back, and marvel at what it really means to be an American:


I should warn you that tissues will likely be needed…

John Caile