Rule by Exception - How Democrats Screw Up Just About Everything

An oil company suffers a highly unusual event on one of their deep sea rigs, leading to serious environmental damage, and potentially causing a serious reduction in our oil supply, with a likely spike in prices at the gas pump when the affects are eventually felt at refineries around the country.

And President Obama’s response?

He makes the situation even worse by suspending exploration and blocking the drilling for oil in Alaska, offshore, and darn near everywhere – just as the summer driving season is about to begin.

Had Obama and today’s Democrats been in power when the Titanic sank, they would have immediately called for a moratorium on all ship-building.

But we don’t react to the crash of an airliner by grounding the entire fleet. We investigate the event to determine the cause, and, where appropriate, change designs, training, or procedures to make such an occurrence less likely in the future.

Obama’s hysterical overreaction to the BP oil disaster is nothing new. It is the approach Democrats invariably take in responding to any occurrence, no matter how rare or unusual. Something horrible happens, and rather than deal with causes of the event itself, Democrats use the anomaly to justify a wholesale attack on an entire industry or group of people.

Especially if it’s a group they already dislike.

Look at Democrats’ relentless attacks on American gun owners. They do nothing to go after the gang-bangers and drug dealers who are responsible for the overwhelming majority of violent crime in America. But when some mentally disturbed individual goes berserk, such as the young man who went on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, Democrats immediately demand more and more regulations on the 99.6% of gun owners who never bother anyone.

Democrats also use tragedies to advance their political agenda. When the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis collapsed, we heard all sorts of scapegoating and outrage –  one Democrat made the rather ludicrous statement that “bridges shouldn’t fall down.” Gosh, really? But perhaps the most idiotic (and self-serving) remark came from a Democrat legislator who said the bridge collapse was proof that we “need higher taxes.”

Then there is Democrats’ frequent use of “pity politics” to gain more governmental power. In Chicago many years ago, on one of the city’s elevated trains, a teenage music student who realized she was about to miss her stop, forced the door open as the train was leaving the station. As she squeezed through the door, her cello became pinched in the door. She was dragged off the platform, fell under the train, and lost her leg.

A terrible tragedy? Of course. But, beside the fact that she herself was to blame for her own injuries, it was (literally) a one-in-a-million occurrence. Yet not only did she get almost $9 million in a lawsuit against the city, the Democrat controlled Illinois legislature set about demanding all sorts of ridiculous new regulations and expensive equipment to “make sure this never happens again.”

Some may remember the heartbreaking story of a young Minnesota girl who sat on a drain at the bottom of a swimming pool. She had most of her insides sucked out, and later died from the massive injuries. A horrible story to anyone not made of stone. But, once again, a one-in-a-million event – one that is unlikely to be repeated in most of our lifetimes.

Yet Minnesota Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar demanded new FEDERAL regulations on ALL swimming pools across the nation, once again, to “make sure that such a tragedy can never happen again.”

But  NOTHING can guarantee that any particular tragedy “will never happen again.” Planes crash. Bridges collapse. Power plants catch fire. Phone systems go down. Cars crash. Children, especially teenagers, do stupid things.

And guess what? Sometimes we find that there wasn’t any technical malfunction or defect, or any malfeasance by any particular individual or organization – it was merely a freak occurrence, a confluence of factors unlikely to ever happen again. Or, as in the case of the girl with the cello, it was the fault of the “victim” themselves – “operator error” engineers correctly call it.

There is likely much more behind Obama’s attack on our oil supply than his stupendous ignorance of economic realities.  Democrats have long made it clear that they would actually love to see skyrocketing energy prices – some have publicly proclaimed that $7 a gallon gasoline would be “a good thing.”

But a good thing for whom?

For the power hungry socialists currently at the helm of the Democratic Party, that’s for sure. Because it would then justify their economically unsustainable “green” initiatives, and force Americans to move to “renewable energy” sources, which have no chance of competing with coal, oil, and natural gas on a level playing field.

There are only two approaches to America’s energy needs: Production or Rationing.

Production advocates simply support using the most efficient, least costly alternatives to provide as much energy as possible to American individuals and businesses.

Rationing, which is favored by Democrats, believe in using the power of government to limit your access to efficient, affordable energy, and by doing so, force you into the myriad “alternative energy” schemes that otherwise could not compete in a truly free market. That’s the strategy behind taxpayer funded subsidies for ethanol, windmills, and solar power.

So when, sometime soon, you are paying through the nose to heat your home, light your office, or fill up your car, remember who was responsible…

John Caile