Obama's Three Stooges

First there was the unutterably idiotic head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, who commented on the (thankfully) failed attack on Flight 253, saying with a straight face that “the system worked” – she even said that the “Underwear Bomber” was “properly screened” in spite of the fact that he was able to get on an airplane with his explosive device:


Recall that Ms. Napolitano was also the one who made waves by refusing to call terrorist attacks, well, terrorist attacks – she suggested that the ludicrous expression “man-caused disasters” be used instead.

But is was Napolitano’s slander of Veterans, Tea Party members, and others who simply disagree with the Administration as a “serious threat” that really showed what a clueless nitwit she really is.

Then there was Eric Holder, perhaps the most intellectually lightweight Attorney General in U.S. History – embarrassing himself by criticizing the Arizona illegal immigrant law, then admitting that he hadn’t even read it:

Mr. Holder further added to his lack of credibility when, in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, he couldn’t bring himself to use the phrase “radical Islam” in connection with several of the more recent attacks in the USA by men who were clearly connected to…radical Islam:


And now we have Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State, Michael Posner, unbelievably apologizing to, of all people, the Chinese, for America’s “human rights violations”  (he was referring to the Arizona anti-illegal alien law).

Is he kidding? An American diplomat is apologizing the one of the most violent, repressive regimes in world history? Surely there must be some mistake.

At first one might have thought Mr. Posner had merely “slipped up” in making such a comment, that he was just another inept boob in an administration filled with inept boobs. But Posner clarified that he volunteered the topic, and indeed, discussed it “early and often” during his meeting with the Chinese. Obviously, there is more to the story. And lo and behold, a quick check of Mr. Posner’s background finds that he is yet one more ultra-left-wing radical recruited by the Obama Administration.

As conservative author and commentator Michelle Malkin reveals, Michael Posner was the executive director of Human Rights First since its founding in 1978. Like most leftist groups, its name sounds “nice” but in practice, HRF is a radical open borders group that opposes all government efforts to control illegal immigration and strengthen American national security.

Obama himself has made a habit of apologizing for America to every nation on the planet, so we shouldn’t be all that surprised that his minions would follow suit. But Posner’s comments are simply beyond the pale.

The more one looks closely at Obama and the people with whom he surrounds himself, the more it becomes clear that this is the most radical, Left-Wing, and yes, anti-American administration in our history.

The only question is how long the American people will continue to tolerate it.

John Caile