It's the Democrats, Stupid!

As time passes, it is getting harder and harder for the Obama faithful to blame George Bush for the nation’s economic woes. The polls clearly show that a majority of the moderates and independents who gave Obama the edge in the 2008 election would not even vote for him today.

But assigning blame (or credit) for the state of the nation’s economy to any president misses a key point: it is Congress, not the President, who makes law. A president’s only input into legislation is his veto. This misreading of the process is what causes people to incorrectly attribute the economic situation (good or bad) to whichever President happens to be in charge at the time.

Thus Liberals constantly refer to the “Clinton Economy” – they ignore the fact that just two years into his first term, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives for the first time in decades, and remained in the majority for the remainder of his Presidency. And it was the Republican Congress who instituted welfare reform and kept the liberal wing of the Democrat Party in check.

And today,  liberals seem to have forgotten that the current economic downturn did not exactly happen “under George Bush” – even after the horrendous impact to the economy due to the 9/11 attacks, by the middle of 2007 the Dow had soared to 14,000 (http://www.google.com/finance?q=INDEXDJX:.DJI) and unemployment was a mere 5%. Today it is hovering around 10%.

The real slide began immediately after Democrats took control of the Congress in 2007, when the first of many profligate spending programs began. Now, to be fair, more than a few Republicans were only too willing to go along with the Democrats, especially when the pork would end up in their own districts.

But Obama and the Democrats’ quadrupling of the deficit in just one year, and the concurrent increase in the national debt to an unconscionable $14 TRILLION, make Republicans seem like fiscal tightwads by comparison.  And Republicans have at least shown that they are getting the message from their constituents – not one Republican voted for the budget-busting “healthcare reform” bill.

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to ignore the will of the people, and seek out every possible way to spend yet more money that the nation doesn’t have. Just this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that musicians and other “artistic” people should not have to work for a living – “job locked” she called it – for fear of losing their health care. According to Ms. Pelosi, such people should be free to pursue their art without having to worry about such mundane things as paying their bills. After all, they contribute so much more to society than normal, hard working people like you.

One can only shudder at what their next neo-Marxist scheme will entail.

It’s time to recognize that the only hope America has is to do everything possible to ensure that Democrats are returned to permanent minority status in the Congress. The alternative is to doom America to the same disastrous fate that has befallen Greece and the rest of the socialist gulags otherwise known as Europe.

John Caile