Redemption for the Enablers

You know who you are.

You “moderate” voters who fell for the Obama snake oil sales pitch – and are now desperately trying to convince yourselves that you weren’t the fools the Democrats knew you to be.

You “independents” who sometimes vote for a Democrat just to convince yourselves that you are “not like the extremists on either side.”

You oh-so-politically correct types who voted for Obama because you were afraid NOT to vote for a black (OK, half-black) candidate who “talked good” – worried more about what your liberal friends would say than what you might be doing to the country.

And most of all, you uninformed, uninvolved sheep who get their “news” exclusively from Democrat Party controlled media outlets like CNN and the Big Three networks (or even worse, from John Stewart) – and who are still unable to take responsibility for the fact that YOU helped put these Marxist thugs in office…and let them quietly insinuate themselves into every aspect of your (and OUR) lives.

Well, take heart, because you will soon get one last chance to make things right.

This coming November, you will have the opportunity to stop the insane group of goose-stepping liberal fascists who have saddled us with smoking bans, salt bans, trans-fat bans, leaf-burning bans, logging bans, coal mining bans, oil drilling bans, gasoline refinery bans, nuclear power bans, incandescent light bulb bans, and of course, gun bans.

You will be able to put an end to the out of control government spending on “green” nonsense like ethanol subsidies and “wind power” schemes, TRILLION dollar bailouts of companies that deserve to fail, and now, the job-killing “Cap and Trade” fraud that will destroy the economy while making Al Gore rich.

Finally, you can halt the ever increasing government intrusion into Americans’ private lives, which has gotten so pervasive that Democrats have not only proposed that the government should be able to regulate the thermostat in your own homes – they are now talking about controlling what kinds of food products that the government will “allow” to be advertised (it’s “for the children” of course).

And all you have to do is to go to the polls in November…

…and vote for anyone, ANYONE, who is not a Democrat.

Because unless Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of Obama’s “comrades” in the Congress are ignominiously thrown out, the cancer of socialism will spread.

So do it for your fellow Americans. You will earn their undying gratitude – and perhaps be able to look at yourself in the mirror once again without having to wince in shame.

John Caile