Mayor Bloomberg's Antigun Obsession

No sooner had New York City’s car bomber been apprehended than Mayor Michael Bloomberg absurdly attempted to use the incident to justify his ongoing jihad against America’s gun owners:


Let’s see if we can follow his logic –  a guy shows up with a car loaded with a fertilizer and petroleum explosive device, and the good mayor sees it as “proof” that we need more gun control. Oh, yeah – that makes perfect sense.

Now don’t get me wrong – I have long warned that terrorists are likely at some point to stage multiple attacks on “soft” targets like shopping centers, using nothing more complicated than rifles, shotguns and handguns. Because even if the human casualties are modest – compared to something like 9/11 – the damage to the nations economy would be catastrophic.

But to actually believe that yet one more piece of legislative nonsense regulating the legal purchase of firearms will somehow prevent suicidal Islamic jihadists from obtaining guns is about as ludicrous as it gets.

No Federal, State, or City ordinance in America has been able to keep violent gang members from obtaining as many guns as they want. And cities like Chicago and Washington D.C. – that have the most stringent controls in the nation – also have the highest levels of violence.

And while it may make for good politics to talk about “keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists” it would be utterly naive to believe that the kinds of measures proposed by Mayor Bloomberg will stop a group of committed jihadists from getting as many guns as they desire.

But anti-gun zealots like Mr. Bloomberg will never allow facts or reality to intrude on their Quixotic crusade.

John Caile