Obama's Latest "Joe the Plumber" Moment

If you are one of the last people in America still denying that Obama is an outright Marxist, take note of his latest off-the-teleprompter comment, in which he declared to a Quincy, Illinois audience that “I do think that at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.”

Let me get this straight, Barak Obama is going to be the one to tell an American when he (or she) has made “enough” money? If this inadvertent glimpse into the very heart of his socialist mindset doesn’t send a chill down your spine, nothing will. That such a statement would even come out of the mouth of an American President would have seemed incomprehensible just a few short years ago.

But we should be thankful every time that Obama attempts to ad lib in any speech, for in doing so he has unintentionally given us insights into his true self. Like his “Joe the Plumber” moment, when he blurted out that he thought that “spreading the wealth” was a great idea. The fact that it was other people’s wealth that he would be spreading seemed not to matter to him at all.

But why should we be surprised? On a panel discussion just the other day, a leftist “financial analyst” actually referred to tax cuts as a “tax expenditure” – and one that had to be “paid for.” Now, you’re probably wondering how it could be that taking less of someone’s money could be viewed as an “expense” – but that is because you think like a normal human being.

You understand that all wealth is created, and earned, in the private sector, and that the only money that government has is the result of taxes that are collected from working individuals. Taking less of your money is not an “expense” – it is simply, well, taking less of your money.

But to a socialist, if the government used to collect 40% of your income, and now only collect 30% then you should be grateful for having been “given” an extra 10% – as if every dime they decide NOT collect from you is somehow a gift from the government!

Obama sees the world in the same way – he looks at a wealthy, successful entrepreneur and sees a “lucky” individual who “receives” a “disproportionate” share of the pie, rather than someone who earned their wealth by their own drive, ambition, intelligence, and hard work.

So pay particular attention to Obama’s unintentionally candid remarks – they illuminate his artfully hidden socialist agenda better than any of his contrived, teleprompter-driven speeches ever could. And have no doubt that Barak Obama really believes that he can, and should, be the one who decides when “you’ve made enough money.”

John Caile