The Food Fascists Are Coming...Again

Is there no aspect of your private life that the Liberal Fascists won’t try to control? The short answer, of course, is no – the do-gooders who represent today’s “progressive” Democrats see it as their responsibility to force you to make the “proper” choices, not just for yourselves, but for you children.

It should come as no surprise that the latest example of the insidious growth of the Nanny State comes from California, ground zero for insane governmental policy. This time, Santa Clara County officials have decided to ban…”Happy Meals” – and any other fast-food promotion that uses toy giveaways to promote their products. Story below:


Naturally, the activists who are pushing this nonsense are quick to use concern for “the children” to justify governmental intrusion into what should be a matter between parents and food outlets. They express anxiety over “childhood obesity” or the “lack of nutritional choice” at fast food restaurants.

As County Supervisor Ken Yeager, who pushed for the ban, puts it,  “Obviously, toys, in and of themselves, do not make children obese. But it is unfair to parents and children to use toys to capture the tastes of children when they are young to get them hooked on eating high-sugar, high-fat foods early in life.” Note the language: it is “unfair” that those evil restaurant owners want to “capture” your children and get them “hooked on” foods that the Food Fascists don’t like.

But what does all this mean, exactly? Well, to grasp the modern liberal’s interpretation of the word “fair” you must first understand how they view you, the average American. Simply put, “progressives” believe that everyone (other than them, of course) is a “victim” – too stupid and incompetent to make decisions for your own life. You need Big Government to make the important choices for you.

This was illustrated clearly on Bill O’Reilly’s TV show Wednesday evening, which had Juan Williams sitting in for Bill. One of the guests, Mike Gallagher, a conservative talk show host, challenged the perky blond “food activist” who supported the ban. Mike asked why parents need government to interfere, since as he noted, “parents have the say so on what kids eat – if they don’t want to buy a ‘Happy Meal’ they can just not buy one.” Mike added, “Do you have kids? Aren’t you able to decide for yourself what they should or shouldn’t eat?”

The woman’s response was illuminating, because it exposed the unbelievable arrogance that characterizes the modern American Left. She stated, in the most irritatingly condescending tone, that “Yes, I have kids, and I have taught them proper nutritional habits, but while you and I might make the right choices, a lot of parents don’t.”

Get it? SHE and other “progressive” parents are more than capable of handling such decisions on their own, but the masses (that’s you, by the way) are too stupid, or too weak, to make the same decisions for your children – you need government to step in and handle it for you. And this elitist mentality is nothing new – it has become a hallmark of the American Left.

When Mike Gallagher persisted that parents are adults who don’t have to respond to any amount of promotional advertising, the woman lashed out, as is common with liberals when their views are challenged, telling Mike “oh, don’t be an a–.” She went on to say that parents would be exposed to the “nag factor” (children asking their parents to take them to a fast food outlet they saw on TV) – so government needs to step in to “protect” them. Like most liberals, this cute little Fascist thinks that it is “unfair” for parents to have to actually say “no” to their children’s demands.

And when even Juan Williams, himself a solid liberal, questioned why the government had any right to exert such control on a private business, the woman claimed that “the community has a right to decide what they will or won’t accept” in such matters. Now, while we can certainly prohibit obvious infringements on the rights of others (we don’t allow burning of old tires in your back yard, or playing your stereo at outrageous levels in the middle of the night), “the community” has absolutely NO right to determine what kinds of promotional items are “acceptable” in a business transaction between a private business and its customers, whether it be fast food or “designer” sneakers.

Her statement betrays one of the most disturbing world view held by Progressives – that the rights of the individual are subservient to the will of the “collective” society, even in matters that are personal, and that have no affect on anyone else. They actually believe that they have the right to control every aspect of your lives, from what kind of car you drive, what kind of light bulbs you use, what your children are taught in school, and, obviously, even what you are “allowed” to eat.

John Caile