Obama - Untrustworthy, Unethical, Unqualified...and Unfit

At some point, even the most naive Americans must soon realize what a mistake they made in voting for Barak Omaba, the least qualified President in modern history, perhaps even all time. But his incompetence is exceeded only by his divisive rhetoric. Obama is now engaging in the same outrageous race-baiting that we expect from poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Obama just last week pointedly singled out “blacks, latinos, and women” when he exhorted them to vote for Democrats – apparently he is uninterested in voters of Caucasian, Asian, Native American, or Middle Eastern backgrounds.

Then the President outright lied in commenting on Arizona’s recent effort to deal with the violence and economic havoc wrought by illegal aliens. With the kind of theatrical absurdity he employs so frequently, Obama falsely claimed that the law would mean that if you looked a certain way, and “if you took your kid out to get ice cream, you might be harassed” by the police.

What nonsense. The Arizona law simply allows police to verify the citizenship of suspected offenders, and pointedly prohibits the police from stopping someone just because of what they look like.

But the most ludicrous statement was made by Obama when he had the audacity to suggest that the Arizona law  was somehow “unfair” – Unfair? To whom? A bunch of people who chose to sneak into our country?

I’ll tell you what is unfair.

Forcing American citizens to risk being hit and killed by legions of drunken illegal aliens with no driver’s licenses, driving  uninsured cars – that is unfair.

Driving hospitals and school into bankruptcy because of the mobs of illegal aliens who have overloaded the system – and forcing American citizens to pay the skyrocketing bills – that is unfair.

Ignoring the scourge of drugs, kidnappings, rapes, car thefts, and mayhem that illegal aliens have brought to more and more American cities – that is unfair.

American construction workers seeing their jobs taken by people who aren’t even citizens – that is unfair.

But the larger issue, and far more disturbing than Obama’s divisive rhetoric, is that when faced with an issue that pits illegal aliens against American citizens, the President of the United States has decided to come down on the side of the illegals..and against the best interests of the American people, whom he is supposed to represent and serve.

We can only hope that more and more Americans take notice…

John Caile