A Good, Honest, Conservative Newspaper

For anyone lucky enough to live in the Philadelphia area, then hopefully you know about “The Bulletin.” Years ago it used to be an evening paper, and just recently has come back, this time in a morning edition. Now, I wasn’t around for it when it was an evening publication, but I am so happy that I have a chance to read it now.

Billing itself as “Philadelphia’s Family Newspaper,” this little gem is a breath of fresh air amongst the mainstream, liberal papers that are “The Philadelphia Inquirer” and “The Daily News.” As a side note, it seems that “The Daily News” has become more extreme leftist (except for the one or two conservative Op-Ed writers) than “The Inquirer.” Usually averaging around thirty pages, it is short and to the point, perfectly concise and perfectly conservative. It is a true family newspaper: no offensive language, reporting (and yes, real reporting here), or images. It covers everything a paper would: local, national, international, sports, culture news, and so forth. It covers things from local families observing a religious holiday to theater reviews.

But most importantly in a biased, leftist mainstream media, this newspaper is a real treat, that and it only costs a quarter to buy. I am so glad my dad sells this paper at our family’s coffee business. My dad likes to lay out a good number of them throughout the lobby where our main cart is and even gives them out for free to people. Needless to say, he likes to promote the other side of the news to everyone!

The Editorial section and Herb Denenberg’s column make for some great conservative reading, in fact just for some great intelligent reading in general. I recommend Mr. Denenberg’s two-piece story on Mrs. Palin vs. Mr. Obama in who would be the better choice for America and his piece on the not so fair and balance reporting of the mainstream media.

Anything I say cannot do this fine paper justice. For anyone not in the Philadelphia area or just does not have access to this paper even if you are in the area, you can go to thebulletin.us. Enjoy!