FDA will allow Plan B morning after pill for 17-year-olds w/o prescription

And, apparently, 17 year olds do not need parental approval.

Yet you have to be 21 to consume alcohol.

This says a lot about our moral priorities and value system as a society – when we say it’s ok for a teenage minor to make a decision that has real consequences:  consequences for the teenager who may be sacrificing an innocent life without full knowledge of what she is doing, as well as consequences for parents over their ability to raise their children, maintain their children’s health (which parents are responsible for when the child is under 18) and teach their children right from wrong.

I just do not understand the arguments for removing parents from the picture when it comes to abortion and contraception.  So many mistakes could be prevented if parents became more involved in their children’s lives, but the government is working against this process.

This is yet another example of how the government is not the solution – it is, all too often, the problem.