So, Storm -- What Are You?

Normally, I tend to focus on more political issues, but this article has clearly shown that political correctness has run amuck and right off the cliff into the land of insanity.

A family in Canada is raising their baby as genderless.

That’s right — genderless. So, now it seems that the world is supposed to be a better place if everyone doesn’t refer to themselves as male/female, man/woman, or even boy or girl.

I don’t think even Rod Serling would have thought a Twilight Zone episode would have come true. Let’s stay with this TV train of thought for a second.

Remember, Saturday Night Live used to have a skit about a genderless character named Pat. The jist was that everyone else in the skit kept trying to figure out what Pat is. And how did the audience respond?

They laughed. They laughed at the thought of a genderless person. That is what these people are doing. They are exposing these children to ridicule, being ostracized by society, and a childhood of pain.

“Jazz…was out of earshot…when a family friend overheard two little girls saying they did not want to play with a ‘girl-boy’.” 

“And once Mrs. Witterick was forced to rush him out of a store when a saleswoman refused to sell him/her a pink leather boa because ‘he(/she) was a boy’.”

The progressives would tell you that this young boy-girl was the victim. I would agree — he/she is the victim of his parents’ ideology.

All because being referred to as a boy or girl is suddenly the worst thing in the world. Being androgynous will make your life better?? 

When Storm was born, the couple sent an e-mail to the rest of their friends and family that stated: “We’ve decided not to share Storm’s sex for now – a tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation, a stand up to what the world could become…”

OK. They have officially lost it. Not only is it wrong, it limits what you can do with your life?!

“The result is that most people believe the boys are girls. The parents don’t correct that assumption – they leave that up to the discretion of the five-year-old and the two-year-old.” 

When does a five-year-old and a two-year-old have the discretion to make decisions of this magnitude? Isn’t that what parents are for at such a young age? Isn’t that why most parents raise their children to be productive adults?

Meanwhile, the parents refer to themselves as husband and wife which are gender-based roles. They are referred to in the article as Mr. Stocker and Mrs. Witterick which are gender-based titles. They even have names that will identify their gender — Kathy and David.

Yet, they refuse to grant their children the right to be who they are — either a male or a female.