Illegal Immigration: Is it a crime or isn’t it?

In another example of the Obama Administration’s ineptitude on addressing the issue of illegal immigration, ICE was forced — because of a Supreme Court ruling — to release a convicted killer simply because the deportation process took longer than six months to be completed.


From the article:

“But the federal government eventually let Heng go, saying it had no choice because of a Supreme Court ruling. With few exceptions, ICE can only detain illegal immigrants for six months while trying to deport them.”

Talk about the world being turned upside down!! Being a convicted murderer is not one of those exceptions!! What gives?!

First off, Heng is a CONVICTED criminal. In this article alone, he has been convicted of illegally entering the country and murder. He has already had his day in court and he LOST! Now, the ACLU of Southern California (anyone shocked?) says that the Constitution does not allow people to be detained indefinitely.

Can someone please tell me where it says this? Because we lock people up all the time for the rest of their lives – and amazingly, we do this to Americans who are supposed to be protected by the Constitution. But we aren’t supposed to do this to illegal immigrants?

However, the liberal and progressive contingents in this country seem bent on protecting the rights of everyone, but actual Americans, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Obama Administration has made it a point to say the system is broken. That it has to be fixed in order to address the problem. That is utter nonsense! When ICE has an individual in custody that should not be here, then they should be able to take whatever time is necessary to remove that individual. Just because it is taking longer than expected is no excuse to release a convicted criminal into our communities.

If the Obama Administration does not correct this, then we will have more stories like these:

Since 2008, ICE says it’s been forced to release 1,748 criminal aliens because of the Supreme Court ruling, including 80 in the Boston area

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