Alright, feel free to make the case for Cruz

Still think Scott Walker would’ve been a terrific President, particularly with regard to labor reform, entitlement reform, getting rid of Obamacare and all issues surrounding the budget. Am still disgusted both at how he was treated by the liberal media and at a lot of the base abandoning him for Trump.

After years of consistent conservatism, a truly phenomenal record as Governor, and being encouraged to run by (presumably a lot of people and) polls that showed he would be a leading candidate, I have trouble even comprehending a sudden preference for Donald Trump (who seems to me at this moment some sort of Democrat’s plant, designed to take out the most electable candidates.)

I strongly preferred Walker, but did have a second choice as well: Rick Perry.

After that the one I like the most is [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ].

Like a lot of people, I’ve liked and admired Cruz since he came onto the National scene. He’s principled, loves the Constitution, is a great speaker and debater and also a good communicator (which isn’t always the same thing) but- assuming he doesn’t spontaneously commit to running on a Cruz/Walker ticket if he gets the nomination- I have a few stumbling blocks:

lack of executive experience

the narrative has long been that he isn’t much of a leader among his peers- can’t get them on board

(maybe that’s not his fault- but I’d like to be more convinced)

He co-authored the bill that authorized Obama to make the Iran agreement without Congressional approval? Is this right? Why would he do that?

Anyway, feel free to offer any arguments you think might persuade me and other Walker supporters who are now at sea.






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