Pass a clean (and short) CR and debt hike, then proceed to impeachment

Remember when Obama lurched for a lifeline and decided to let Putin (bail him out) broker a deal with Assad? It was widely seen a a huge victory for Assad because being negotiated with strengthened his claim to legitimacy.


By saying he won’t negotiate with Republicans he is treating them like rogue nations not legitimately in power and implicitly declaring that it is he — and not the people of the United States- who gets to confer rightful power.


It’s certainly understandable that John Boehner, legitimately elected both to Congress and to his position as Speaker – who is 2 heart beats from the Presidency and his country’s highest elected official- would insist on his rights and demand that Obama negotiate.

His error is in reacting to Obama’s games and manipulations and ACT in keeping with his Constitutional responsibilities. Obama has repeatedly violated the Constitution. With the NLRB recess appointments – and then ignoring the Supreme Court, in changing Obamacare unilaterally.

You see Obama actually is a rouge actor – who is not keeping within the bounds of the law – and by negotiating with him, correction: BEGGING to negotiate with him, Boehner countenances his illegal and illegitimate acts as though they were within the bounds of what is acceptable for an American President.

So they should give a clean CR and debt increase- let the Democrats celebrate and gloat- stop allowing Obama to disrupt the lives of innocent people or to threaten our creditworthiness as a nation – let people get back to work, veterans get their benefits, kids get their cancer treatment, etc.

Then impeach Obama the next day.

(I’ll make a more thorough case for it later– just felt compelled in case any House Republican can’t sleep and happens to make it to the diary section of Redstate)