It's nice to be on offense, isn't it?

So much of Obama’s Presidency has been an unrelenting assault – a push for one legislative horror after another,  coupled with a continual usurping of power.  The encroachment has been at the national level, the state level, and even the government and liberal media vs. convenient scapegoat citizen level.  We’ve seen a phony crisis after phony crisis from a President whose political philosophy seems to involve constantly creating chaos and always staying on offense.

Republicans have been winning a lot of the individual battles, but there’s been little cost to Democratic failure and Democrats agenda remains the one that is talked about most frequently in the media with the promise of continued attempts to ram it down our throats.

Until recently, it’s been like watching a football game where your team is never on offense! There have been plenty of fumbles and Republicans have gained approval due to demonstrated Democrat incompetence and look to likely take back the Senate next year, but at the national level we’ve rarely seen Republicans actively – and forcefully assert an agenda. (In fairness when you have a Senate Majority Leader who is willing to completely ignore House Bills and even the question of writing a budget it’s necessary to be more assertive than normal)

There have been notable efforts at the state level. To name just a few: union reform and Scott Walker’s success in surviving a recall election(which actually was defense I suppose but he won so decisively it didn’t feel that way) , Texas’s success in passing a ban on abortion past 20 weeks, and most recently the successful Colorado recalls — in which 3 plumbers with little prior political experience started an effort to recall a Democratic Senator in a heavily Democratic district saw the race became a nationalized, got outspent at least 6 to 1  and still won by 12 points!

Maybe I’m biased, but when Harry Reid said he didn’t have the votes and wouldn’t be trying to pass gun control again,  2 words came to mind: Colorado Recalls.

And now FINALLY we’re seeing Republicans in elective office starting to actively fight to get rid of Obamacare and I hope it’s just the beginning.  Senator Cruz should follow up by visiting constituents in their homes (in some cases homes they might be about to lose) and make it real to people. Whatever gains can be secured now should be built on piece by piece. And I don’t see any reason long speeches need to be rare. Didn’t Newt used to semi- filibuster on CSPAN in the middle of the night on a regular basis? Why can’t some other House Republican back benchers start doing that?

And there’s other leverage to be found besides risking a shut down. The House shouldn’t even consider – for example – an immigration bill until the Senate has voted on a 20 week abortion ban, or worked out meaningful entitlement reform. Or both.

Here’s to hoping Senator Cruz’s courage and leadership becomes contagious and closer to the normal way of doing business.