Cowboy Poetry All Over Again

The Obama campaign self inflicts a quite possibly fatal wound — and doesn’t even know it.

For all the griping about the liberal media (which is valid) it’s easy to miss the silver linings that come with having  most members of certain types of media hating us, our party, and all for which we stand.  For one thing the liberal media holds Republicans accountable.  If you were to tabulate the number of lies told in the past 30 years by Democrat vs. Republican Presidents ( a gargantuan task) it’s almost certainly a safe guess that the difference would be beyond exponential.  But besides being character building for Republicans, there’s also a big advantage in having the media constantly inundating us with reminders of how the other side thinks – and what impressions must be avoided.

If asked to describe the negative stereotypes about Republicans – any Republican — heck, any adult US citizen could probably give you a passable answer.  But with this latest “Big Bird” attack — it’s become obvious that the Obama Administration hasn’t the slightest clue of what’s been happening outside their echo chamber 0r how they have been perceived.  Perhaps they’ve started believing their own press so much that they’ve forgotten hoq chose to rebuke them less than 2 years ago.

Not only does this  latest outcry/taunt play into multiple  liberal stereotypes ( sappyness/ naked emotional manipulation, willful obtuseness to the possibility that any institution could conceivably survive without constant government subsidies, etc.,etc ) serve as a reminder of all the most frustrating, damaging and absurd moments of his Presidency (the stimulus, cowboy poetry,