Cowboy Poetry All Over Again...

Romney’s mention of Big Bird pays brilliant dividends as Obama self inflicts a possibly fatal wound and doesn’t even know it.

For all the disadvantages of having most of the print and televised media firmly in the tank for the Democrats – there are also  a lot of silver linings. For example: Liberal media holds Republicans accountable (I suspect if one were to tabulate the number of lies told in the past 30 years by Democratic Presidents vs. Republican Presidents the number would be exponentially higher for the former) and perhaps that attracts a higher caliber of candidate, there’s also the…er…blessing  of being constantly inundated with examples of how the other side thinks, what and how they will attack and what to avoid.

If you were to ask any random American “What are the negative stereotypes about Republicans?”  probably 90%+ could give you a passable answer.  But – even among professional politicians and political operatives at the highest levels — it’s become  abundantly clear that (at least some) Democrats have no idea when and why they’re perceived as ridiculous.

You would think that a President who somewhat recently  saw the opposition party rack up its largest gains in a century — in an obvious rebuke of his policies — who just lost a debate worse than any President in the history of televised debates… to a candidate who has a (now) very evident appeal to independent voters – You would think that a President in that situation would want to reach out to the middle — making every effort to appear reasonable and centrist.

Instead Obama is playing into numerous liberal stereotypes (sappy blatantly emotionally manipulation arguments, willful obtuseness, obliviousness to the national debt, etc., etc.) reminding people of some of the most absurd and frustrating moments of his Presidency (  Harry Reid screaming bloody murder over the proposed cutting of funding for cowboy poetry, seemingly constant budget fights, near government shut downs, etc.) and – more importantly — he’s playing right into the biggest  negative stereotype that are specific to him – and amplifying his worst traits.
The most glaring mistake is in his use of the straw man argument.  It’s always been a favorite Obama tactic and well known object of ridicule on the right  – but for him to claim that Governor Romney thinks defunding Sesame Street will – by itself – completely solve the federal debt crisis is brazen beyond anything he’s said in the past. Not only is it absurd on its face  but it’s very clearly NOT the position Governor Romney very clearly stated in one of the most memorable exchanges of one of the most watched debates in history which occurred not even a week ago.

In the past Obama has probably gotten by (to a large extent) with endless straw men because the liberal media isn’t going to point them out and in the echo chamber there’s likely to be little awareness of the actual Republican position.  But this time is different because he’s lying about events – when even Democrats already know the truth.

It’s easy to see why liberals would not want to defund PBS and especially NPR — but they lack the wisdom to see that it’s a fight they can’t afford. Even with Gallup finding that 72% of the country thinks Governor Romney won the debate – Obama continues to repeat the same lame, discredited claim with which he lost so badly – unable to let go of a losing argument.

It’d be difficult for even the best satirist to caricature Obama more thoroughly than he’s caricatured himself (he never successfully “caricatured” Romney at all — at least not in the traditional meaning of the word — which means exaggerating traits a person actually has not just making stuff up) as there are few things more absurd than screaming for continued subsidies for a kids tv show as our nation is in danger of bankruptcy.

Point being that the opportunity for victory could not be clearer — and investing time and/or money now could scarcely be more certain of being rewarded.