McCain Has His Finger on the Pulse of America...in light of Rasmussen

      When I read McCain’s remark “President Obama respects the Constititution” and saw there was no punch line…I momentarily understood the undying hatred he inspires in many conservatives. What WAS he smoking? And what’s gonna be the fall out if he’s caught with it right before the Obamacare vote?  I mean how can Senator McCain, who spoke with such clarity on Justice Sotomayer’s lack of judicial restraint, possibly think Obama respects the Constitution? And what is with this compulsive “Barack Obama has the best of intentions” nonsense every time he opens his mouth? Seems like everytime McCain criticizes Obama he first makes a disclaimer ” I don’t think he’s destroying our country intentionally or anything” (obviously, I’m paraphrasing)  It  starts to have a “protests too much” kinda feel.

      It ticks me off to hear McCain say “Obama respects the Constitution” because it seems to give legitimacy to the ridiculous “living and breathing document” excuse that liberals give for disregarding the clear intentions of our founders but the thing is-  as wrong as that interpretation is- there’s a large minority of Americans who think that way – and their viewpoint does, in a sense need to be respected.

      And as much as it riles me to hear McCain praising a man that I viscerally dislike, I don’t actually want to hear him talking about Obama the way Rush, myself, my friends, Sarah Palin, or most conservative writers do. (though I thank God for all the above)  McCain was elected on promises of bipartisanship and settling differences – and if the bipartisan guy starts burning bridges…

      Civility is vital to the credibility of McCain’s offer to sit down with Obama and work out a genuinely bipartisan compromise. I realize RedStaters don’t want to see that because nobody expects anything good to come of it but  there’s no real risk of it happening and consider the numbers from Rasmussen today. 71% of everyday citizens don’t think the Democrats should pass any version of Obamacare “unless there are a reasonable number of Republican votes”. 71% don’t think Democrats should try and doing on their own.  So, it would appear politically impossible to ram Obama’s agenda through unless he can successfully paint Republicans as uncooperative and hyperpartisan. That’s going to be hard to pull off when he has a high profile Republican eagerly calling for bipartisanship. McCain is calling his bluff.

    The olive branch is a political neccessity – and it’s the kinda think McCain was elected to do.  It’s fitting that he do it,