Who's Sick of Left-Wing Propaganda?

I’ve been reading some posts over at ThinkProgress on a variety of things, and I just want to air a couple of my thoughts:

One: They’re definitely masters of propaganda over there. I mean, how could anyone not think Bobby Jindal is going to screw up the GOP (and by extension, the rest of the country), when you see this picture and headline coupled so nicely? Conversely, how could you not come away assured that John Kerry will single-handedly save our planet after seeing this?

Two: They do talk ever so nobly and, I daresay, they really know how to use stories like this to put a “human face” on the movement for “marriage equality.” Except the “equality” part is a bit problematic. Why? Because in the American political tradition, “equality” refers to legal equality. Are LGBT individuals being denied their voting rights? Are they being denied the rights of the accused (fair and speedy trial by jury, habeas corpus, the right to call friendly witnesses and to cross-examine hostile ones, etc.) already accorded other US citizens? Are they being denied their First Amendment rights? No? Oh, well…then they’ve already got equality under the law. (Sorry, Mr. President!) But that’s not really the kind of equality our friends over at ThinkProgress have in mind, now is it? Of course, they’ll never let on that it’s really equality of condition they’re after, and that they don’t give one hoot about the American political tradition anyway. After all, what else could explain their outrage over the fact that an organization which self-identifies as Christian would deny membership to a same-sex couple? I mean, the very idea that people would dare act according to their beliefs! Preposterous.

That’s all. Cheerio, chaps!