Liberal Law Professor Floats 'President Pelosi' - It's So Crazy and Wrong That It Kinda Fits


Who better to lead America today than a demented, 77-year-old, hair-sniffer president who lives in his basement?

How about an 80-year-old, unelected, ice-cream-gobbling, scarf-kneeling, perma-swamp creature from the congressional lagoon?

In other words, how about President Nan-Nan Pelosi?

Russian conspiracy theorist and far-left Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe videoed into Joy Reid’s new show a few days ago and asserted that–if the November election goes sideways–President Pelosi is what America will get. Tribe rambled:

They’re trying to make it look chaotic, but there’s a fail-safe mechanism built into the Constitution itself. That is, no matter how much dust he [President Trump] throws into the gears, at high noon on January 20th, 2021, if there has not been a new president elected, at that point, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, become president of the United States.

Oh goodie. If Tribe is correct–and that’s a big “if” given Tribe’s track record of delusional claims–then the United States would get its most historic president EVER.

Think about it: President Nan-Nan would be the first unelected president; the first woman president; and by far the oldest president at the start of her term, surpassing the previous record holder (Donald Trump) by a DECADE.

That’s quite a step up from the current and decidedly unhistoric Democrat candidate, who can’t seem to remember where he is and calls his voters bizarre names like “dog-faced pony soldier.”

You gotta love 2020.

The Most Eminent Tribe continued:

The Constitution is not designed to self-destroy, but it’s designed to self-preserve. The real game that I think Trump is playing is a game of making us all doubt that the system will hold. Making us doubt that the center will hold. Making us doubt all of our institutions. And by sowing doubt and sowing division and distracting us with phony claims about delays of the election, the president is really doing Putin’s bidding of shaking our system and making us lose faith in all of our institutions.

Yeah, Americans had super-high faith in their institutions, right up until Bad Orange Man and his close personal friend Vlad Putin got up to their games and tricks. B.O.M. and Vlad are responsible for all the institutional doubt and division in which we marinate these days …

The sheer absurdity of a Pelosi presidency makes me afraid it might actually happen. We seem to live in Opposite World these days. The Democrats have demonstrated no compunction about Intelligence-Community coups and bogus impeachments to unseat the Baddest of Orange Men. Why not deliberately throw the election into disarray, bypass the electorate, and effectively allow Congress to absorb the Executive?

What a win for democracy that would be! The Deplorables would have no say at all, no matter how many turn out on November 3. Washington can just elect itself, and we can do what we’re told.

Of  course Herr Professor Doktor Tribe might be flat wrong. Odds calculated from past results are not in his favor. An election crisis like the one he foreshadows–whether a postponement or a legal dispute over voter fraud and intimidation–amounts to uncharted territory, and Tribe knows it. The Supreme Court would likely be pulled in to sort out the mess.

Now there’s a thrilling prospect: Justice John Roberts and his liberal majority deciding the procedure for a contested election. No doubt they would find some really interesting stuff in between the words of the Constitution, invisible to mere mortals. By the time that bunch got through, we would probably have a President Ocasio-Cortez.

It looks like Tribe is once again trying to troll the country with nonsense draped in Ivy-League prestige. He might be better off doing some TV writing for Designated Survivor.