The Dems Are Freezing Out Asians - It's Going to Bite Them in the Butt Come November

(AP Photo/John Locher)


I can only imagine what native Americans must be thinking as the left bends over backwards to dramatize historic wrongs against black Americans in the runup to November:

“Wait a sec–BLACK genocide?”

“A war on BLACK people?”

“Reparations for BLACK people?”

“C’mere. Let me school you about real genocide, the ‘Indian Wars’, and the correct hierarchy of repayment ….”

One could be forgiven for thinking that, if native Americans made up 13% of the voting public the way black Americans do, Democrats would be flogging a different tale of America’s original sin and path to redemption.

As the Democrats focus with laser-like precision on the trending issue of black failure and resentment, less fashionable racial minorities are getting left on the shelf, or even bagged up and dropped at the Goodwill. The situation was brought home to me when I overheard an exchange at the dentist’s office between a patient, a hygienist, and a dentist, all of Asian decent. The dentist asked his patient:

“How are you today?”

“Well, you know–and I feel like I can say this here–I’m actually white and a racist, apparently!”

The dentist and hygienist howled with laughter. I didn’t get the joke immediately, not being Asian myself or plugged into Asian-specific news and events. A bit of research clued me in: the mainstream organs of Democrat propaganda are publishing a fair amount of opinion now about how Asians are not *real* minorities but rather just white people with a particular affinity for polo shirts and school work. Asians (so the story goes) have no claim to inclusion in the Democrat grievance carnival now in full swing.

In fact, according to some progressives, Asians are beneficiaries of white supremacy and as much enemies of *real* minorities as white people, cops, Donald Trump, and those racist, racist SAT tests. In sum, Asians should join woke whites in supporting the justice crusade of *real* minorities, but otherwise admit their “Asian privilege” and get to the back of the woke bus.

Mark my words: the Democrats’ marginalizing of Asians is going to backfire in November. Bigly.

Asians as a group have done well in the United States. They lead all other racial groups (including Europeans) in earnings, business ownership, and educational achievement. The left’s crusade for affirmative discrimination in education and employment worked to Asians’ advantage for a long time; but that time seems to be ending. The far left is retooling its sorting mechanism. The sex- and race-adjusted “equality” of America’s yesteryear is morphing into race-, sex-, and income-adjusted “equality”; and that means Asians will find themselves more and more often on the wrong side of government- and business-enforced discrimination.

Asians I have talked to sense this shift and are talking about it a great deal within their communities. While Asians may not say so publicly very often (as in the dentist’s office), their voting habits are certain to reflect a growing discomfort with a party that threatens to not only remove Asians’ preferential treatment of years past but handicap them in favor of other minorities, as European Americans have experienced for decades.

The Democratic Party’s flirtation with Marxism, via its new cause célèbre Black Lives Matter, won’t do the left any favors with Asians, either. Many East Asian Americans either fled Marxist totalitarian governments themselves or know people who did. If you want to know about the brutality and privations of Marxist regimes, talk to Americans with roots in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China, or Korea. They will gladly educate you.

BLM’s explicit goal of abolishing the nuclear family is sure to leave many Asians questioning their place in the Democratic Big Tent as well. Asians lead all American racial groups in marriage stability, and Asian cultures tend to value family cohesion and hierarchy a great deal. The DNC’s partnership with an organization championing queer power and traditional family destruction will irritate Asians’ conservatism when it comes to marriage, family, and childrearing.

Oh! And riots. Asians in America generally are not big fans of riots. So there’s that.

Come November, I predict a lot of Asians whom the Democratic Party assumed were a lock will change their affiliation quietly but with great effect.