What If 'Masks Required' Were Instead 'No Jews Allowed'? What Could Citizens of Conscience Do About It?

Dan Balilty


Yesterday I swallowed my dignity and donned a mask to enter a grocery store. It struck me how utterly powerless ordinary Americans have become in the face of arbitrary state decrees.

I would not wear a mask voluntarily in the grocery store. A nursing home? Sure. But not a grocery store. I nevertheless strap on my elastic virtue flag like a dutiful sheep, to go along and get along. I need groceries, and the government says this is the jig I must dance to get them.

Besides, what good complaining? The manager of the store might well agree with me in principle that masks are ridiculous in grocery stores; but he would tell me his hands are tied by the law … or mayoral fiat, or whatever. If he doesn’t force me to wear a mask, the county will shut down the store with no due process. He is, one might say, “only following orders” to avoid trouble.

After much reading, I have concluded masks for the populace are by and large neurotic and useless–particularly as civilians untrained in personal protective equipment wear them. Half the people I pass in the store have the mask down below their noses, for pete’s sake.

“Hmmmm … You’re doing that wrong ….”

I agree with the experts’ first conclusions:

The decree of the LA mayor and Los Angeles Heath Department that everyone must wear masks in businesses and other gathering places falls somewhere between silly and downright harmful, in my view. There are millions who feel similarly, some of them quite well informed.

My musings at the store lead to an interesting hypothetical: what if ‘masks required’ were something else instead? Something much harder to stomach?

To take just one example: what if a President Biden–or someone pulling his demented strings–used a crisis in the Middle East to declare all Jews a clear and present danger to America’s institutions and safety? (Remember: when safety is at stake, civil liberties don’t apply. That’s the ‘new normal’.)

What if he allowed governors and mayors to ban Jews from businesses–both as customers and employees–much like coronavirus ‘truthers’ who refuse to wear masks as they are told? What if, to get my groceries or go to work, I had to present my Proof-of-Gentile card at the door? Just for safety, of course–to make sure I was not hypnotizing other customers while picking up my bananas and oatmeal. As Rabbi Michael Barclay observes:

Is there really a difference between isolating people because they have been exposed to COVID-19 for the benefit of the masses and isolating Jews into European ghettos? What is the qualitative difference between the State hiring people to report and enforce quarantining those who have been potentially exposed to the virus, and Nazi soldiers being conscripted to find the “sub-human” Jews and mark them with a yellow star? All are based in “science” and enacted to protect the nation. And all these practices are the definition of evil.

What could I DO about such insanity, when it really came down to it? What could any average citizen do now? Write indignant blogs? Rant on Twitter? Call up a congressperson or governor? Complain to the store manager?

Yeah. Those all do a lot of good.

Meanwhile, like my mask dilemma, I would need food. Would I present my card, get my groceries, and hope the nightmare ends soon? Would I avoid looking my Jewish friends in the eye and pray I can regain my self-respect later, after going along with the government-decreed ‘consensus’?

Quite a few Americans have expressed their acute displeasure with the compulsory lockdowns and business shutdowns, quarantines, mask rules, and law-enforcement bullying that has been foisted on us during the outbreak. Quite a few renowned experts have opposed the government’s efforts as unscientific and ruinous. Yet our elected leaders have made themselves clear: they don’t give a fig what clamoring serfs or politically inconvenient experts think.

No, our technocratic betters cherry-pick their science, experts, and ‘fact-based solutions’ and steamroll ahead to their political destination no matter what the voting public or contrarian experts say–even if the results are unthinkably destructive to our financial wellbeing as a nation. They have the power to coerce and economically destroy just about any business or individual by yanking licenses, permits, and other government permissions to exist, not to mention legal persecution and harassment; and they are using those powers to crush dissent.

No doubt there are experts in Iran who have performed the studies proving Jews are unhealthful and not to be trusted, scientifically speaking. And no doubt the World Health Organization would endorse these Iranian Semitism researchers. After all, the WHO’s parent organization, the UN, has passed something like a million resolutions condemning Israel.

I wonder: would contrarian scientists who disagreed with the august WHO on the Jewish issue find their protests removed from YouTube?

My point is not to warn of an imminent Kristallnacht 2.0–that seems unlikely at present. I reference this provocative hypothetical because it HAS happened before, not very long ago, when ordinary Germans were told Jews posed a threat to their health and safety. Those Germans went along with the state’s project, and many now feel the results of that project were less than ethically satisfactory.

No, my point is this: the social attitudes and government structure for analogous insanity exists now, in the United States. Only the particulars differ; and particulars can change–FAST. Whatever bonkers project the government cooks up next will unfold quickly, forcefully, and without deliberation, just like the Wuhan virus response … almost certainly because SAFETY.

At that time, citizens can choose to go along and have the privilege of working and buying groceries, or they can move to Idaho and live like the Unabomber, growing vegetables and shooting deer. Any middle ground is fast disappearing. Citizens of conscience may find themselves in previously unthinkable bind faster than they ever imagined, torn between their eithics and their need to function in society–a need controlled almost entirely by the government today.

Unless Americans choose to forcibly resist–a very complex proposition–there will be very little any of us can do. Popularly expressed discomfort or peaceful opposition to state insanity means nothing any more. That much is clear.

Average Americans now are like 5-year-olds sitting in the passenger seat, playing with a fake toy steering wheel. We make-believe we are directing the car’s course, but our turning back and forth really has no effect whatsoever. Sometimes, the turn of the toy wheel coincides with the turns of the car, and the coincidence reinforces our illusion of control.

But let’s face it: the adults are driving us where THEY want to go.