Oh Come On! Nobody Expects Biden to Win - 'Plugs' Is Just Plugging the Dike

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden makes a point during a Democratic presidential primary debate, Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, hosted by ABC News, Apple News, and WMUR-TV at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Looking through the headlines right now is a dive down the rabbit hole.

All sorts of left-wing apologists are scribbling furiously about Joe ‘Hair Plugs’ Biden (or as you might know him, ‘Demented Joe’) and strategizing about how (1) Plugs can win in November, or (2) Bernie must up his game and snatch the nomination back from Plugs.

One example from Nicholas Kristof at the NYTs, who writes:

If you want to oust President Donald Trump this fall and then achieve far-reading changes such as universal heath care, who should you vote for?

Until last week, the answer for many was Bernie Sanders, the champion of a “political revolution” that includes “Medicare for All.” But increasingly there’s a sense that in practice the real “change candidate” may be Joe Biden–because he has a better chance of winning the presidency and helping to elect a Democratic Congress–and that’s why he was the big winner Super Tuesday.

This was a triumph of pragmatism, an embrace by voters of a candidate they like rather than one they love, and that’s why Biden is now apparently the Democratic front-runner.

Notice that ‘political revolution’ and ‘Medicare for All’ are in irony quotes now. And ‘change candidate’? This is some high comedy.

Somebody forgot to inform the Misinformation Army that winning is not the plan.

Here’s the skinny: the Crat establishment–not “pragmatism” from Crat voters–has rushed Plugs to the front of the line. The Crat leadership don’t want Bernie, because Bernie threatens to unleash a contagion of loosing all the way down the ticket, culminating in two Republican houses of Congress, a Republican president, and a solidly conservative Supreme Court. Socialism is bad for business–including political business.

Even should Bernie win, he threatens to force the Crats to the far left and splinter the party, with the Crat rank-and-file on one side and the power brokers on the other–power brokers who would soon find their power evaporating under President Bernie, as lobotomized newbies like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gained influence.

So what is the plan?

Plugs is a loser. He’s older than Mesopotamian dirt (78) and can’t speak a cogent sentence to save his life, let alone his campaign. He has no better chance than Bernie of winning the presidency.

Were it not for his figurehead status, Plugs’ own party entire would laugh at him; hand him a box of Ensure; and send him off to the Rescue Home for Addled Corruptocrats. Plugs will defeat himself without opposition when he opens his mouth in the general election, barring some HUGE black-swan event.

But the right kind of loser is just what the Crat powers want right now. Plugs will keep power in the proper hands and stave off Armageddon. The Crat powers will keep what’s theirs, and maybe the House. Then they can go back to plan A: obstruct, harass, investigate, and defame President Trump until 2024, when they try again with some emergent bucket of charisma that has yet to be identified, some New Obama.

Inspiring? Hardly. But it’s good defense. And defense is what’s needed, because the Crats are facing chaos. They really don’t want Bernie to do to their party what Donald Trump did to the Republican Party in 2016.

Rank-and-file Crats don’t seem to understand the situation yet. It’s hard to blame them. They have been told for three years by CNN & Co. that President Trump is a fluke, a one-off and self-evident criminal who will be removed from office shortly; or at worst, voted out of office when the country regains its progressive senses in 2020. They have been told they will certainly WIN–and sooner rather than later. History, after all, is on their side.

the truth is a nightmare they cannot yet grasp or confront: four more years of the Bad Orange Man looms as a virtual certainty, this time perhaps with a cooperative Congress. History is about to go all kinds of wrong.

When the denial breaks, it’s going to get ugly. In the general election, Crat voters are going to realize Plugs is a sack of failure who embodies none of their ideals. As Donald Trump wraps his fingers around Plugs’ throat and bashes his head against the floor, anger at the Crat power brokers will almost certainly explode. Far-left factions in the party will blame the establishment for selling them out to maintain their grip on the party.

And maybe for the first time in their lives, they will be right.