Bloomberg Betrays His Conservative Roots, Hits Sanders with 'Bernie Bros' Twitt-Mob Video

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg clapped back at Bernie Sanders Monday, posting a video montage of Sanders supporters abusing and menacing others–including other Democrats–on social media.

Bloomberg’s video runs a montage of tweets and memes from rambunctious Sanders supporters (nicknamed “Bernie Bros”) interspersed with clips of Sanders saying we must “engage in civil discourse.”

The unspoken message of Bloomberg’s cinematic mini-masterpiece is that the tweets from Bernie Bros contradicts Sanders’s declarations from the podium. The Sandersnistas … are hypocrites.

If Bloomberg thinks his video will have any effect on Democrats, he is way out of touch with the party he now pretends to inhabit.

Simply put: rejecting contradiction is a conservative thing. Most liberals these days couldn’t care less. If anything, embracing self-contradiction is a sign of ideological purity.

Democrats can’t take two steps in their own back yard without stepping on contradictions. Contradictions are everywhere, like garden rakes. Examples, you ask?

  • Black Lives Matter–but let’s abort tens of thousands of black babies a year
  • Women and men are the same and interchangeable in every way–but let’s give women affirmative discrimination in employment and education, and assert they are morally “better” than men in numerous ways
  • The world must stop using fossil fuels–but we need to fly around the world on private jets furiously to promote this goal

Contradictions are everywhere in the progressive worldview. Socialism itself derives from Marxist “dialectical materialism“–a fancy way of saying that contradictions in mankind’s material circumstances are the driving force toward positive social evolution.

Sanders would probably reply to closet-conservative Bloomberg: “Of course I’m self-contradictory and a hypocrite! That’s why America must elect me–so that I can root out the contradictions once and for all, and make America logical and ideologically consistent for everyone.”

The problem with socialism is that, in the drive to eradicate the contradictions of human existence, socialists wind up eradicating whole groups of uncooperative persons, fundamental human rights, and economic prosperity. They do it over and over, with the best of intentions, usually.

None of this is to say conservatives don’t contradict themselves at times, or don’t struggle with contradiction. A hesitancy born of distasteful contradiction has restrained many conservatives from supporting President Trump over the last four years. For example:

“How do I both call myself a Christian AND support a president who name-calls on Twitter; has three marriages and infidelity in his past; and talked on tape about p*ssy grabbing?”

Looking backward, conservatives fought a civil war over a lingering contradiction: “How can we call ourselves the ‘Land of the Free’ and countenance slavery in half the country?”

The different ways progressives and conservatives manage contradictions of the mind and of physical existence may be the deepest divide between them:

  • CONSERVATIVES: Minimize contradictions in oneself and society; then leave insoluble contradictions up to God and His will
  • PROGRESSIVES:  Tolerate our own contradictions and exploit society’s contradictions as long as they help us win; then forcibly erase all unfair social contradictions as soon as we have the power to do so

Bloomberg seems to think he can persuade progressives to join him by pointing out contradictions in his opponents–e.g., “We can’t create a peaceful and civil country while Bernie Bros threaten violence against others–including those in their own party!”

To which the Bernie Bros reply: “Sure we can. We can have our cake and eat it. We can walk downhill coming and going. We can do anything. Socialism is magic.”

Bloomberg is running furiously in the wrong direction. If he wants to win the primaries, Bloomberg should be highlighting his own contradictions. Bloomberg should be speaking in nothing BUT contradictions. Something like:

“My name is Michael Bloomberg. I’m richer than Scrooge McDuck, and that means I really understand the problems of poor people. I want to stop conflict by confiscating guns from law-abiding owners at gunpoint. I want to promote unity among Americans by granting different groups different statuses on the intersectional totem pole–statuses that shift constantly in a scrum of confusion. I want to make everyone middle class using redistributive schemes that destroy the country’s ability to generate wealth …” etc.

Bloomberg is campaigning in the wrong party using a mindset left over from his Republican days. His mindset makes Bloomberg a hard sell in the primaries–but also makes him a very dangerous opponent to the president in a general election. Bloomberg’s quasi-conservatism will appeal to moderates and Never-Trumpers who dislike the president’s freewheeling style and his many flaws, past and present.

The ‘Crat leadership seem to understand the dilemma in front of the party. They want to win, and they see Bloomberg as their best hope. Bloomberg offers a fighting chance against the president’s hideously authentic ‘God, Family, Country’ conservatism, something they thought was gone forever.

But Democrat rank-and-file don’t see things the way the party leadership do. Compromise with moderates is NOT on the menu. Bernie seems to understand his people: with the ‘Crat base, hypocrisy is not a bug but an energizing feature. “Contradict yourself all you want, Bernie. Just promise to use the government to bulldoze all these messy contradictions of our existence once and for all later.”

Bernie’s intuition for the populace means he will likely slaughter Bloomberg in the primaries–unless the ‘Crat Party leadership put the fix in. And that could fracture the party.

Why are Americans today so intolerant of their own and others’ imperfections? Why are contradictions–which have been with mankind since the beginning–suddenly unendurable? Who knows.

But one thing has hasn’t ever changed: human beings just can’t seem to get away from their own contradictions. When human beings attempt to enforce consistency, they commit crimes against humanity.