McCabe and Vindman: Losing Battles to Win the War (Or 'The Valentine's Day Gift')

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a March for Life rally, Friday, Jan. 24, 2020, on the National Mall in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Valentine’s Day brought two encouraging pieces of news:

  1. Former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe won’t be prosecuted by the DOJ for lying to investigators.
  2. Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman won’t be investigated by the Army for leaking, insubordination, or anything else.

So all in all, President Trump enjoyed an outstanding Valentine’s Day. He must be dancing round the Oval Office singing ‘Hail to the Chief.’

“Wait!” you may say. “You’ve got that backwards, Clint. This is terrible news, for the rule of law, America, and the president.”

No. It’s really not.

If it seems like terrible news, that’s only because so much of the public and commentariat focus on winning small battles, instead of winning the war. That’s okay. It’s easy to get tunnel vision in the midst of conflict. But it’s time to see things from a wider perspective.


Think of it this way: if McCabe, Vindman, Comey, et al., got swiftly punished by their respective organizations, then conservative Americans and some moderates would say to themselves:

“Great! The liars, leakers, and soft-coup plotters got their comeuppance. Justice, the law, and the government are working again. The country is getting back on track.”

But the relief would be false and breed complacency.

Watching McCabe and Vindman put through a wood chipper might FEEL good–like winning a skirmish–but it does nothing to win the war. McCabe and Vindman are just foot soldiers, little pawns in a much larger game. What happens to them is of little consequence.


What is the war? The war is CONGRESS.

The ‘Crat-controlled House just dragged the country through a bogus impeachment prosecution and trial. You probably heard about that.

And before the impeachment, Congress enabled a bogus multi-year special counsel investigation by Uberprozecutor Mueller and his Democrat Thumbscrew Gang, as well as wasting their time on their own bogus congressional “investigations.” many Republican congresspersons have dithered on the fence, afraid the president would finally misstep, implode, and leave them high and dry.

In the midst of the Mueller fiasco, Senate ‘Crats put on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus, an evidence-free character assassination to block the president from placing a sympathetic body on the Supreme Court.

The Democrat-controlled House–along with Senate Democrats–have elevated every liar, leaker, hearsay repeater, ersatz “whistleblower,” sexual assault confabulator, and bureaucratic malcontent they can find to keep the president from governing.

The ‘Crats gave these nobody saboteurs a bullhorn, an audience, legitimacy, fame, and the misplaced confidence that they are somehow “noble” for obstructing the Executive Branch of the United States government. ‘Crats in Congress stroke their heads and say, “Bark at the Bad Orange Man! Good boy!”–and they wag their tails.

Everyone knows another attack is coming–whether impeachment 2.0, more House hearings, more investigations.

Were it not for Congress and their serial enabling, the McCabes and Vindmans of the world would not dare subvert the president. They would shut their coffee holes, type their paperwork, and quietly fume in the obscurity they perennially inhabit.

No–if the president is to win the war to govern, he will win it by flipping Congress. Slapping a few simpering catchfarts–however infuriating they are–does bupkis.


Fortunately, there is a system in place for flipping Congress: elections by the people. That’s why President Trump had a good Valentine’s Day.

To understand the big picture, just ask yourself: how do YOU feel?

How do you feel watching the clouds of smugness billowing off James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Alex Vindman, as they smirk their way in and out of hearings? How do you feel reading their self-righteous, taunting Twitter putdowns of the president and his voters, their “Nah nah nah nah nah! I got off!”? How do you feel watching them on CNN, justifying themselves and one another with no backchat whatsoever from “journalists”?

How do you feel watching a two-tiered system of justice unfold: one system for these Resisto-crats, and another system for the president’s one-time allies–Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn–and all us average citizens without government connections?

If you feel a white-hot, helpless anger in your gut, you are not alone.

In my parallel work, I speak with people across the political spectrum all the time. American conservatives and quite a few moderates I talk to are APOPLECTIC about the breakdown of justice that seems to be unfolding in the United States.

It’s not just Hillary and her emails; or James Comey and Hillary’s emails; or Hunter and Daddy Biden and their family business of soft corruption. It’s liberal cities effectively legalizing petty theft and releasing criminals without bail to promptly reoffend. It’s Sanctuary cities protecting illegal-alien felons from deportation. It’s a baker in Colorado, hounded by the government all the way to the Supreme Court, begging for redress from the persecution that followed upon his refusing to create gay a wedding cake he didn’t want to make.


Conservatives and some moderates are beginning to feel that the justice department is fast becoming the injustice department. Every new, heinous, and highly visible perversion of law galvanizes Trump loyalists and creates new voters for the president, anxious to support his efforts to restore a predictable and credible legal system.

Those voters have the ultimate power to flip Congress and fundamentally shift the country.

In that light, it is too bad Jussie Smollett got indicted for his alleged hate hoax; or that Michael Avenatti was just convicted for extorting a shoe company (sidenote: who DOES that??). From a strategic perspective, it would have been more useful if both these smirking miscreants had escaped justice. They would roam scot-free; but 100,000+ new Deplorables would be minted in the public outrage.

So President Trump will yell about McCabe getting off to call voter attention to the problem:

But believe you me, the president doesn’t much care what happens to Noble Andy. The president knows he will never get a moment’s peace as long as Congress enables the administrative state’s saboteurs. The president cares about achieving a loyal conservative majority in both houses of Congress. THEN … he will get down to cleaning out the Augean Stables.


McCabe & Company think this is a bureaucratic and institutional war with the president. They simper and taunt because they and their buddies control the administrative state. They feel safe behind the tall fence of Congress, a fence that has never failed them.

But what they don’t seem to realize is that the fence may suddenly vanish in November 2020. Voters fed up with the gophers destroying their justice system may, like Popeye, declare: “THAT’S ALL I CAN STANDS. I CAN’T STANDS NO MORE!”

God willing and the Creeks don’t rise, the liars, leakers, and soft-coup plotters will see they have read the ground wrong come November. They have miscalculated the distribution of their forces. They have been fighting the wrong kind of war.

They will discover that the war is NOT a bureaucratic, institutional war but a much bigger war of public perception about the kind of justice America espouses. The smirkers will finally grasp that they have needlessly and thoughtlessly antagonized swaths of the public, voters who were in fact protecting them from exposure and prosecution by voting for cooperative Democrat congresspersons.

Moreover, they will realize that the legacy media have been playing them like fiddles all along, gloating about the failures of justice and rubbing them in the electorate’s faces to provoke outrage and juice their ratings.

Andy McCabe thinks CNN is his friend, but they are selling him down the river for clicks: “Go out and insult Trump and his voters! Do it! There’s no way they can hurt you! It will be fun! It will feel good!”

And it probably does feel good–right now. But when the fence vanishes overnight, and Democrats are running around like 2016 screaming, “How did we lose both wings of Congress? What is happening?” Oof … That will be a rough day.