Think the Socialists Won't Take Your Netflix? Think Again

Everyone knows Bernie and the New Friendly Socialists plan to take control of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, college, the energy sector, utilities, transportation, private firearms, the news, tech censorship, all the evil billionaire money, and housing.

But if you like your Netflix, you can keep it …


Not so fast. Arwa Mahdawi at far-left website the Guardian just wrote an article entitled “The real problem with your Netflix addiction? The carbon emissions“.


And there you were, thinking that a relaxing Netflix evening is the ONE THING that isn’t somehow “problematic” in the woke-socialist universe. Mahdawi writes:

Binge-watching Netflix doesn’t just fry your brain; it may also be frying the planet. The streaming service’s global energy consumption increased by 84% in 2019 to a total of 451,000 megawatt hours – enough to power 40,000 average US homes for a year.

Translation: Saint Greta of Thunberg and the Children’s Climate Crusade are coming for your stories soon. Want to watch some old episodes of Parks and Recreation and laugh for a bit, unwind after a long day?


It would appear Netflix is trying to get out ahead of this whole thing with some virtue signaling. Mahdawi writes:

Netflix disclosed these figures in its inaugural environmental, social and governance report, noting it matched 100% of its 2019 non-renewable power use “with renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets”. While these may help the brand, they don’t address the inconvenient fact that our love of streaming has unfortunate side-effects – most of which we are only starting to comprehend.

Oh good grief …. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Where to begin unpacking the innumeracy in all this?

Forty-thousand homes is a midsize town. So Netflix is delivering entertainment to around 170 MILLION subscribers for the power consumption of, say, Santa Cruz, California.

These are subscribers who forego drives to movie theaters or other energy-consuming entertainment. So even if you happen to believe that energy usage is the devil and will destroy us all, Netflix is *still* doing the planet a nice service keeping those folks off the road.

If climate nazis really want to cut back on tech energy use, they should talk to their communist buddies in China about their extensive Bitcoin mining. Exact figures are hard to come by; but one estimate puts Bitcoin’s energy consumption at 32 TERAWATT hours:

Megawatt = one million watts

Terawatt = one million MILLION watts

So: 32 terrawatt hours  >MUCH, MUCH GREATER THAN>  451,000 megawatts hours

You know what else consumes 32 terrawatt hours of electricity? DENMARK, a country of nearly 6 million people. A largely useless cryptocurrency popular with money-laundering drug traffickers and North Korean thugs is burning up almost as much coal-generated electricity as a small democratic socialist nation.

Why don’t Greta and the Gang sail into China and start yelling at the Chi-Coms to reform their voracious, wasteful energy appetite in pursuit of digital Monopoly money? Probably because the Chi-Coms would throw her pigtails into a concentration camp forthwith and forget her. Unlike the West, the Chinese do not brook those who militate for social reform on their soil.

So instead, the West gets performative complaints from migraine-inducing brats and jet-setting celebu-activists about our cows, our commuter flights, and our consumption of a few TV shows.

And it won’t stop, not if the socialists continue to grow in popularity.

That’s what many innocents do not understand: EVERYTHING is connected to something the socialists want to bring under government control.

Netflix connects to energy–however tenuous and ridiculous the connection. Do you enjoy a cigarette here and there? OH NO YOU DON’T! Because the government controls healthcare, and a cigarette here and there might make you or others around you sick. The government is paying now, so they own your cigarettes. VERBOTEN.

How about coffee? You like coffee? Maybe you can drink that for now. But the socialists will tell you what kind of cup you can have (Paper? Plastic? NEIN!); the amount of sugar you can add; and whether you can have a straw to stir that coffee. Also, that coffee’s gonna cost you $13, because the minimum wage must be set by the government at $22/hour.

Think this is far-fetched? In Burbank, California (of course), a person cannot smoke a cigarette on the street in front of his own home without risking a fine. You can do it on your property–for now–but woe betide anyone who walks along the sidewalk and decides to light up.

NOTHING is too ridiculous for the socialists to put under government control. NOTHING.

Think of the most ridiculous thing the socialists could bring under government control. Then do an internet search in the vein of “Why allowing parents to feed their children red meat is problematic.” You will find an articles by a woke-socialist vegan controllocrats making a SERIOUS case for government interference in parents’ nutritional choices. There is a good chance that article will be published in the Guardian.

No, ridiculousness is no defense against socialism. None at all. Let’s look again at what Mahdawi writes about Netflix:

Being a conscientious consumer does not mean you have to turn off your wifi or chill with the Netflix. But we should think more critically about our data consumption. Apple already delivers screen-time reports; perhaps tech services should start providing us with carbon counts. Or maybe Netflix should implement carbon warnings.

QED [“That which was to have been demonstrated”]

You know what else eats up electricity and kills the planet? Visiting the Guardian website. So if you want to “shrink your footprint,” consider starting there. You will miss some funny stuff, but Leonardo DiCaprio and Her Futureness will thank you.

Meanwhile, here is Woody Allen’s take on socialist control freaks. Watch it five times, just to annoy the Guardian.