Mr. President! Too Much ... WINNING ... Can't ... Take It ...

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves as he gets into his vehicle in Washington, Thursday, March 31, 2016, following a meeting at the Republican National Committee. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It just doesn’t stop now. The winning has become EXHAUSTING.

In the last couple of weeks, the winning hit Mach 5:

  • Trump bug-splatters Iranian terrorist mastermind Quesadilla Soleimani In Iraq
  • Trump beats the impeachment like the rented donkey it was
  • Trump sees the economy and jobs reports to one historic high after another
  • Trump thumps the federal-judge injunction brigade and gets his money for the border wall
  • Trump sees record number of federal judges confirmed by the Senate
  • Trump gets the emoluments lawsuit against him thrown out in the street
  • Trump knocks the SOTU Address out of the ballpark and simultaneously makes Nan-Nan Pelosi look like an epic jerk
  • Trump helps Brexit across the finish line
  •  (I’m sure there are some I’m blanking right now, but forgive me, my head is spinning …)

As for the president’s opponents, as I look at the headlines:

  • Trump super-hater Jussie Smollett just indicted on six counts for his (alleged) hate hoax targeting the president and his supporters
  • Rep. Elijah “This President Is Racism” Cummings still dead and likely to remain so
  • The whole NATIONS of China and its proxy North Korea hit with a MASSIVE health catastrophe
  • Robert De Niro’s Oscar-bait movie ‘The Irishman’ ignored at the Academy Awards in spite of De Niro’s pious “F–k Trump!” outbursts to the choir
  • The anti-Trump Academy Awards and the Golden Globes hit record-low viewership this year
  • Michael Bloomberg just exposed on tape basically saying black people are the only ones who need policing
  • The Democrat caucuses LITERALLY falling apart 👇🏻

Good grief! If I were Mitt Romney, I’d get screened for cancer right away. Because Lady Luck seems to be HAMMERING anyone who goes up against “45” these days.

I scoffed at Trump when he first announced his candidacy. I came around pretty quickly when I heard him speak. But even my small misstep of faith makes me worried for MY well-being.

Remember this? From the Republican presidential debate in 2016?

A lot of people laughed in their organic, fair-trade chai when Candidate Trump talked about winning. Those of us who didn’t necessarily laugh figured it was rhetorical grandstanding:

ME: Win? HA! America doesn’t “win.” America lets totalitarian states do whatever they want, then makes excuses. America draws ‘red lines’ it doesn’t enforce and gives theocracies pallets of cash to bombard Israel. America bends over for the Chinese and leaves the back door of its border unlocked in case anyone from anywhere wants to come in.

Little did any of us suspect Trump was UNDERSELLING the future when he said:

None of this winning is “boring.” But it’s growing difficult to keep up with all Trump’s successes. It’s just overwhelming, like riding a roller coaster for hours.