Tinfoil Hat Idea: Are Biden and the Obamas Planning a Bait-and-Switch?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said at a rally two days ago:

I sure would like Michelle to be the vice president. [The Obamas] are both incredibly qualified people. I mean, they are such decent, honorable people.

Biden dangled the same notion back in September, during a meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Biden’s recurring mention of Michelle Obama for vice president raises some fascinating speculative possibilities. Grab your tinfoil hat and follow along.


Michelle Obama was 2019’s Most Admired Woman in the World. She radiates charisma for progressives, and crowds lose their minds wherever she shows up.

She has published a bestselling ghost-written memoir about how deep she is, the obligatory precursor to a presidential run. She has kept in the public eye since The Chosen One left office with regular speaking engagements and show appearances.

Michelle Obama holds the black-woman card, probably the most powerful trump in the identity politics deck today. Her activism cleaves resolutely progressive, without any taint of lunatic socialism. She combines the best parts of Hillary Clinton and Oprah Winfrey (so … mostly Oprah Winfrey).

Not only that, Michelle Obama possesses an unprecedented campaign advantage.

Were she to run for office, Obama could claim experience without the baggage of a political record. If critics point out that she’s never held nationwide office, she can counter: “I was with Barry in the White House for eight years, so I know what I’m doing. And he’ll be by my side to advise.”

On the flip side, if critics say, “Your husband did this and that in office and that’s unacceptable now,” Michelle can reply: “I am NOT my husband, thank you very much. I am my own strong, independent woman, and my decisions will be my own if I’m elected to office.”

See how that works?


Joe Biden presents the worst Democratic candidate profile imagination can conjure.

He’s white, male, straight, and old–bordering on ancient (77). Biden’s picture accompanies the entry for “creepy, dusty swamp politician” in the dictionary. Biden is a born placeholder, a charisma-free, wooden party lynchpin. Biden brings stability and infrastructure to the table, but not much else.

Not only that, Joe Biden shows signs of growing decrepitude and perhaps illness. At rallies like the one mentioned earlier, Biden struggles to hold a train of thought and complete long sentences after he begins them. Can Biden hold up to the 20-hour days, constant travel, and unrelenting stress of the presidency? It seems doubtful.

Unless …

[At this time, please make sure the chinstrap on your tinfoil hat is tight.]


Consider the following scenario:

Joe Biden announces Michelle Obama for his vice-president pick. Biden then makes it known within the Democratic Party that he plans to hold the presidency for only a short time, then retire.

In a flash, Democratic insiders line up behind Biden and spread the word: THE SECOND COMING IS NIGH! The left unifies like never before to elect–in effect–the first woman president. And not just the first woman president, but Barry and Michelle back in the White House! It’s the perfect progressive storm. no other Democratic candidate would stand a chance. Bernie and Elizabeth might as well go home and cry.

After a year or so in office, Biden announces the shocking news that he is unwell (who saw THAT coming, right?). He steps down with a wink, and like magic, it’s 2008 again, only better.

Under this arrangement, Joe Biden becomes the 46th president; sees his name into the history books; and quashes all Hunter’s legal problems. In addition, Biden goes from placeholder to legendary liberal hero. He defeats the Orange Menace, then hands the presidency to the woman of color who SHOULD have it, but who couldn’t get elected without him.

Biden skips three years of exhausting meetings to play with the grandkids Hunter has fathered with sundry women. Michelle gives right-thinking Americans seven more years of smug satisfaction in their wokeness. France and Canada like the United States again. All the good people win.


Seem far-fetched? Maybe. The foregoing scenario amounts to a conspiracy theory that grants Joe Biden credit he may not deserve.

But don’t forget how much contempt Biden and the Obamas have expressed toward President Trump. The president has taken a sledgehammer to Barry’s legacy, exposed the Obama Administration’s SpyGate machinations, and brought much unwanted attention to the Biden Family Grift Machine.

The Obamas might not like Biden all that much; and Joe Biden might not want to give up part of his turn at presidenting; but the prospect of avenging themselves on President Trump and re-instituting Woke Camelot might drive both parties to a compromise.

Sometimes it’s not who wins but who loses.