Iran's Greatest Weapon Is the United States' Two Incompatible Value Systems

In this picture released by an official website of the office of the Iranian supreme leader, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei talks to clerics in his Islamic thoughts class in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019. Iran's supreme leader on Sunday backed the government's decision to raise gasoline prices and called angry protesters who have been setting fire to public property over the hike "thugs," signaling a potential crackdown on the demonstrations. (Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

Since our magnificent military folks smoked Iranian Chief Terrorist Qasem Soleimani, libs in the media, Hollywood, and Washington have been howling about the ways Soleimani’s forced departure from the land of the living violates … well, everything.

International law. Decency. Racism. Puppies. Sovereignty. The delicate sensibilities of the U.N. The speed limit. You name it.

The brouhaha puts in stark relief the two overarching and incompatible value systems at work in the United States today. As NYU professor Jonathan Haidt has talked about at length, some Americans feel that ultimate truth should be judged according to victimhood, and others believe ultimate truth should be objective and impersonal.

Case in point: is a man who feels like a woman actually a woman? Objective truth says “no.” But if victimhood is the benchmark–and the “oppressed” person gets to decide–then the answer is “yes.”

Iran is a smaller, poorer country with Middle Eastern (non-white) people in it. Thus Colin Kaepernick and His Woke Orchestra presume that Americans should be judging Soleimani’s existential cancelling from the viewpoint of the Iranians:


(Please note: I tend to question social and political commentary from someone whose Twitter wallpaper is *himself without a shirt on*. Shirts suggest seriousness and intellectual gravitas, in my narrow conservative universe. Something Kaepernick might consider as he makes the career shift from ball chucking to pundit of world affairs.)

This is the same bass ackwards thinking that activists have used to justify Palestinian rocket showers and suicide bombings of civilians in Israel. In a nutshell: if you are the (non-white or non-American) underdog, the rules do not apply. Do whatever you want, and the Woke Chorus will rationalize it for you, because you must be a victim of the Great Satan.

Iran cannot hope to do serious damage to the United States directly. Rather, they hope to provoke us into doing serious damage to ourselves. They hope to divide Americans and weaken our resolve. Americans like Kaepernick who yell dumb things based off their information-free feelings around victimhood are doing Iran’s work for them:


When it came to retaliation, President Trump’s decision to disassemble Soleimani’s carcass by drone was a cagey move. Soleimani was such an obvious and well-known dirtbag that framing his death as “oppression of the brown man” just doesn’t fly for anyone outside the super-woke delusion field.

Simply put: Trump not only removed a dangerous mass murderer; he also gave the idiots a chance to showcase their idiocy for moderate American voters by evincing sympathy for someone so antithetical to human decency. Yes, the hyper-Left are still going to paint Iran and Soleimani as victims, but it’s hard work, and the paint doesn’t stick very well.

That still leaves America with two incompatible value systems that threaten to permanently split the country. Conservatives seem unlikely to give in and subscribe to the cascading relativism of victimhood-as-truth. Rather, that is the hill they will die on. And I mean literally grab the Second Amendment out of the safe and say, “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more.”

Victimhood culture, with it’s witch hunts and denial of objective virtue, opposes everything Judaism, Christianity, and the American founding have stood for.

On the flip side, the far Left seems unlikely to return to objective and impersonal truth any time soon. Not only does much of the far Left believe this Marxist garbage; but they also get a great deal of political juice by playing the victimhood violin for moderate-liberal voters who want to expiate their own sins and the sins of their forefathers by deifying victimized groups.

If you want to know more, I highly recommend Professor Haidt’s lecture at Duke University: