Is Michael Bloomberg a Chinese Asset? His Coal War Says "Maybe"

Michael Bloomberg just declared war on coal. Or … re-declared war on coal? Is “re-declare” a word? I’m going to assert that it is, and the onus is on you to prove me wrong.

Bloomberg said:

The president refuses to lead on climate change, so the rest of us must. I’ve been all-in on this fight for more than a decade — and having helped close more than half the nation’s dirty coal plants, having cut New York City’s carbon footprint by 14 percent, having led a coalition of cities, states, and businesses committed to the Paris Agreement, I know that we can win.

That’s gonna win Mikey-Mike a LOT of friends among those coupla-few Americans who work for a living: “I was instrumental in flushing tens of thousands of jobs. If you elect me, I’m gonna hit the handle again and give you guys the full swirly!”

But on to China. As reported in Engineering & Technology:

[A] study carried out by Global Energy Monitor, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, claims that China could add 290GW in new coal-fired plants – exceeding the 261GW capacity of the entire US coal-power fleet in 2018. The findings of the report collide with the country’s previous pledges to build a power supply that is increasingly reliant on renewable energies.

Notice the word “add”? What these organizations are telling us is that, in the next few years, the Chinese are going to complete and start using as many new coal power plants as the entire United States has NOW. They weren’t going to do that before, but now they are. Well darn.

Waitaminute: Didn’t some famous reality TV star and hotel developer declare a while back that the Chinese would renege on the Paris Climate Fantasy and their pinky-swear promise to go all green? Didn’t that guy say the Chinese would pretend to play ball and get us to mothball our plants, then do whatever they wanted themselves? His name was something like Drumpf, or Gump, or Thump …

I’m not a climate scientist. I want to make that clear. I look up the forecast on The Weather Channel one leg at a time, just like regular folk. But I’m pretty sure “the climate” doesn’t recognize borders. If greenhouse gases belch out in China, it has the same effect on trapping heat as if they belch out here. Stopping our coal plants will be like bailing out the boat with a beer mug while the Chinese are punching holes in the hull with an industrial augur.

Assuming for a moment anthropogenic climate change is absolute truth and Al Gore is Jeremiah, stopping our plants won’t matter much. But here’s what it WILL do: China will have a robust source of cheap electricity while we scramble to put up enough solar panels to boil water and our bills go through the roof.

To quote the something-or-other-winning artist Kendrick Lamar: “Damn …”

Here’s a prediction for you: Mikey-Mike will receive all kinds of low-key assistance from the Chinese to snag the Democratic nomination and win the 2020 election. the Chinese are going to LIKE this guy. Bloomberg is promising to fiddle on a sustainable and ethically-harvested violin while America doesn’t burn anything, and the Chinese have an economic cook-off.

If you thought growth under Brobama was cold, wait until Grandpa Thunberg turns down the thermostat and tears off the nob. When electricity increase to two arms and a leg, the average citizen will absorb all the costs. Not only will it cost more to run the blender, but everything else that requires electricity will become more expensive: food, services, manufactured goods.

And speaking of manufactured goods: where do you think manufacturing will move in an effort to cut costs when prices go up here? Hmmm … China: cheap. American: expensive as hell. Tough decision.

I don’t think of myself as rich” will afford the hikes just fine. Heck, the taxpayer will be footing his electricity bill once he moves into the White House.